Poker Through the Eyes of an Amateur

April 30, 2009

Small Tourney Win

The past few nights I have been playing in the $3+$0.30 90-player knockout sit-n-gos. So far, these things have been great. I've played in three of them. In the first one, I finished in 3rd, and in the second one I finished in 5th or 6th. Tonight I took it down. These things are a gold mine as long as Full Tilt doesn't screw you over with the two or three outers. That's actually what happened when I finished in 3rd, but this time the odds stayed in my favor!

April 04, 2009

The Most Amazing Hand I've Ever Seen

All the money went in on the flop of course.

April 02, 2009

Da Mook!

Played in the Mookie last night for the first time in a very long time. I somehow managed to finish in third place. So rigged.

It was great playing with friends and talking with everyone. Thanks to Joanne for the shoutout on BDR! And congrats to JJOK for taking down the whole thing.