Poker Through the Eyes of an Amateur

January 12, 2008


Until today I had never even tried to satellite into an FTOPS event, but I was bored so I decided to try the $6+$.50 60-player NLH knockout SNG to Event #8: $120+$9 6-max NLH knockout. Well, I took the whole thing down, recouping most of my buy-in in the process.

This is actually a pretty soft satellite. I only ran into a couple of tough players. You might want to give this one a try if you are on a budget. Maybe I will see you there!

January 06, 2008

Still Running Well

Not much interesting to say; I just wanted to note to myself for posterity's sake that I am still running well. I final tabled a $4 180 SNG yesterday. Unfortunately, I busted in 9th when I ran QQ into, of course, AA. That's always annoying. I almost final tabled a $3 HORSE tournament today, too. I finished in 12th place out of 648. I would have gone much, much deeper if A) I hadn't been sucked out on multiple times and B) People didn't go to the mat with absolutely nothing when I have absolutely nothing. Getting caught in a bluff by someone who also has nothing is also annoying. Oh well, it happens. I feel a top three finish coming on soon. Here's hoping.

January 04, 2008

Taking Stupid Shots

As I posted earlier, I built up a tiny bankroll on Pokerstars by blowing a bunch of FPPs on single table satellites to the Sunday Hundred Grand and then unregistering. Given the fact that I didn't really care about this money, I decided to take some shots. The first one wasn't so bad. I registered for an $11 turbo tournament which ended up having 1066 players. I played excellent poker, got shafted in the end, and ended up finishing in 56th for a little more than double the buy-in.

The next day, since I'd played so well the night before, I took the dumbest chance of the three I took. I registered for the $55 buy-in $50k guaranteed tournament which ended up with 1382 players. I again played awesome poker. I don't think I've ever had a streak of deep runs in massive fields like this before. I ended up finishing this one in 27th for a $300+ win. I busted this tournament making the only "bad" play I'd made in two days. We were in a huge blind situation, and I get 89s in late position. I raise it up, committing about 20% of my stack, and guy to my left reraises me to about 50% of my stack. He'd pushed me off a few hands before, so I called this one, as I just didn't have the time to be super patient/tight. Flop is TJx rainbow, and I shove. Guy instacalls with AA, and I don't catch up. Looking back, I probably still play it the same way, given the table history and his aggressive tendencies.

Given the fact that I'd played so well the past two nights, last night I registered for a $22 heads-up tournament. If you are a decent heads-up player, this tournament is awesome. Three of my four opponents were just plain awful, and I defeated them and made it to the money without too much trouble. The last guy I played against was very good, though, and in the end it happened to be that I flopped top pair when he flopped a flush. He played the hand like he was on a draw, which he'd done a few times before in our match, and hooked me good.

So now my little $55 bankroll has multiplied almost sevenfold, and I have a decent $350+ bankroll to mess around with on Pokerstars. Even though I've been playing really well lately, I think I'm going to hold off on taking anymore chances in the near future and see if I can grow this little bankroll in a more proper way. Knowing me, that will probably get boring after a few weeks, and my disposition will change. I will be sure to let you all know the next time I mismanage my bankroll. Until then, you now have two sites where you can see me on the felt!

January 01, 2008

New Blog

To anyone who comes here and is even remotely interested in anything I've ever said: I am starting a new blog.

If you are interested in checking it out, head on over to Sheer Determinism. My goal is to update it three times a week with a broad range of topics that will hopefully spark some intellectual thought and discussion. I realize that attempting intellectual thought and discussion on the internet is risky, but it is something I'm willing to try. We'll see how it goes.

Also, this blog will not be going away. Sheer Determinism is a side project.