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April 13, 2008

Long Time No Post... Again...

I guess you could say that I've been on sabbatical. But you would be wrong. To be honest, I just got tired of poker and decided that I should take a break. It's been a very nice break. I've caught up on some reading, played some games that I didn't have time for, and bought this bad boy. HDTV is pretty freaking awesome. I just wish we got more HD channels. The standard definition channels don't look horrible (now that I've adjusted the TV from factory settings), but the HD channels are definitely far superior.

Anyway, I played my first tourney in a long time the other night while I was formatting and setting up my new laptop. (Yes, I have made quite a few new technology purchases recently, including a network drive for backing up important data. Such is life when you go from two car payments a month to zero.) I decided I'd play a $1 token tournament since I'd been away from the tables for a long time, and my bankroll on FTP is only a bankroll in the loosest definition of the word.

A little under 450 people registered, and the top 16 finishers would get tokens, with 17th paying out a little cash. I don't remember any specific hands, really, as the tournament wasn't incredibly exciting. I did come close to busting at one point toward the end when I lost a 60/40, but I managed to come back and ended up winning a token. It's nice to know I can still play after so long away from the game. I think I'm going to play a Tier SNG and see if I can't work up to and win a Tier 3 to create a small bankroll. Wish me luck.


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