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August 19, 2007

Yeah, I'm Still Here

Sorry for the lack of content recently. Work was pretty crazy this past week. I was in charge of my entire three-man project as the technical lead and project manager were both on vacation. Luckily there was really only one big issue that came up, and I didn't really have to handle it, so I came out relatively unscathed. However, work this week left me pretty drained, so I didn't have a whole lot of time to play poker.

I did manage to play a $10NL tourney on Friday, and I made a deep run. I ended up busting in 22nd of 340+ when my AK lost a race to JJ. I'm pretty sure I misplayed the crap out of that hand, and I know what I did wrong, so I don't think I really have a need to post that particular history for input. Anyway, 2+ hours for $7 profit. Bleh. I really thought I would be able to take this tournament down again. (I did it once last year.) I think I'll continue to take shots at this one occasionally, as it's a pretty easy and relatively small field compared to some of the $26 tournaments.

I've played a little bit in the cash games recently, and those have just been tearing me up variance-wise. I think I'm going to give those a rest and play some SNGs. I'm going to take a page from Smokkee's book and try running up the Tier structure on FTP for a decent payout. I won a Tier 1 token the other day, but missed the Tier 2 token when I lost a race to 44.

Hopefully now that things are back to normal this week at work, I will be able to play a little more. I haven't played in a blogger game in a long time, so I'm going to do my best to make it to the Mookie this week. I hope that the rest of you are doing well. Watch out for those bad beats, and I will see you on the felt.


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