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July 02, 2007

Final BBT Standings

I ended up finishing in 43rd in the final leaderboard of the BBT. I was a bit disappointed with the turnout for the final BBT event, which was Don's Big Game; I thought there would be way more people than the 45 that showed up. Oh well. At least I'm freerolling into the rakeback game.

I started out in the Big Game pretty well last night. I ended up chipping up by 1000 when I managed to make Columbo think that I had merely made a continuation bet on a very non-scary board and check-raised him on an equally non-scary turn when I held KK. Unfortunately, this was not to last as QQ would be my undoing for the night.

The first time I had QQ, I raised 5x from the big blind after Columbo and another player had limped in. Only Columbo called, and the flop was ten high, double suited in hearts. I made my standard continuation bet, and Columbo raised all in with a (relatively) short stack. It amounted to 4x my bet and 1/3 of my total stack. This wasn't long after I had check-raised him out of the pot with my KK, so I thought he may have either been stealing back some chips or semi-bluffing here. I put him on either AT or a flush draw with two overs. Unfortunately, he flipped over TT when I called. I really didn't put him on that hand or a higher pocket pair, as I figured him for the type of person who would raise those hands pre-flop from middle position, as opposed to the limp-call.

The second time I got QQ, I was on the short stack, although not desperate. I raised it 3x from the hijack, and BB calls. The flop is 889 with two clubs. BB puts me all in, and I pretty much have to call here. He had flopped an open-ended straight flush draw with TJc. Now, I held the Qc, so I still had a pretty decent shot here. The numbers come out to me being a 62% favorite to take this down. However, the 7c came on the turn, and I was drawing dead.

Stupid pocket queens. Such is the game.

Anyway, I'm very pleased with my final BBT standings, considering I only played in 12 events of 39. I didn't know this was even going on until two thirds of the season was over because I had been very remiss in reading blogs and even posting on my own. But I ended up making the points in 10 out of 12, final tabling 2 out of 12, and cashing in 2 out of 12. That gives me a final table percentage and ITM percentage of 16%, which I don't think is bad with this crowd, and an ITP (points) percentage of 83%, which I think is pretty good. Hopefully they will do this again sometime, and I can get in on the ground floor. I would like to see how I would finish if I were able to play in all of the events.


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