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July 25, 2007

Another Interesting Hand

This hand occurred this past weekend during a tournament at the Showboat Casino in Atlantic City. I sat and thought about this one for about five minutes before making my decision, but I'd like to see how you all would have handled it. The situation here was a bit different than the one presented before as this was for my tournament life.


Blinds: 300/600; ~12,500 in chips

Table is 6 handed, a couple of people having just busted to a luckbox woman in seat 9. You are in seat 4. The button is now on the luckbox in seat 9, and this is the last hand before the first break.

You are dealt AdQs. Seat three folds. You raise to 1800. It folds to seat 9 who flat calls. The blinds fold. The flop comes down JdXdXd. You lead out for 2,000 with your nut flush draw and two over cards. Luckbox on the button raises to 10,000.

Notes on luckbox player: She is very weak. She limp/called most of her hands, and rarely raised preflop. She did not seem capable of bluffing.

You have two choices here: Do you push and hope to double up here, or do you fold and look for a better spot to double up after the break?


  • If she has a pair, you guys are about 50% (depending on whether she holds a diamond or not the numbers change a little, but not much). You really only have her crushed if she is on a naked one card diamond draw or two overs, and you're not going to make her fold at this stage. She has you in big trouble if she has a set or two pair, or God forbid has made a flush.

    You currently have about 8700, and I'm assuming the blinds are about to go up to at least 400/800 and probably more.

    So my recommendation? If you think she is as bad as you say, I think you have to fold here and pick a better spot.

    By Blogger Garthmeister J., at 7/25/2007 2:32 PM  

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