Poker Through the Eyes of an Amateur

June 15, 2007

The Whole Truth And Nothing But The Truth

Matt: The Mookie better start putting out. Riverchasers gave me final table goodness the first time.

Matt: I'm just sayin'

Mookie: ha ha

Mookie: The Mookie isn't a little whore like riverchasers that puts out that easy :)

Matt: yeah, except we've been on like 50 dates

Mookie: The Mookie is saving herself for marriage

Matt: I'm tired of being teased dammit!

Mookie: lol

Matt: you and I both know that The Mookie has been with TONS of other guys

Matt: girls too, I bet

Mookie: lol

Matt: you don't have to lie for her, man

Mookie: ha ha...but i'm her best friend

Matt: I guess it is your duty as a friend to try and protect her

Mookie: yea

Matt: Just let her know that I'm not like all the other guys. I'll be there for her. If she'll let me.

Mookie: lol...i'll let her know

Matt: thanks, bud

Mookie: maybe next week she'll give you a chance

Matt: you really think so?

Mookie: you never can tell with her

Matt: yeah, she's a fickle one

Matt: I'll keep my fingers crossed


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