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June 17, 2007

Not Meant To Be, I Guess

I finished 256th out of 3338 in the 100 Seat Guarantee. I felt I played pretty well, but may have been a little to timid folding to some re-raises in the end game. I will post some hands to ask questions about later, but right now I'm just going to dump my notes. It's not so much as post as just saving my stuff in case I ever want to go back and look at it. It's mostly just a live-blog of who went out when and where I was at the breaks. I think Paul Wolfe was the only Red Name left in the game when I busted. Feel free to skip it.

6:56 I outlasted Eric Lindgren!

6:58 I outlasted Steve Brecher, whoever he is.

7:00 First break. I am sitting ok with 3830 in chips, +830 from the starting stack. We are down to 2630 people from the original 3338, which is just ridiculous. Checking on the other bloggers I know are in this tournament, I see that cmitch has dropped a bit to 2310. He was up above 4000 at one point, so he must have hit a few bad hands. Chad is sitting at 2725. Every time I've checked his stack it's been around that point, so he must not be getting much to work with early on. Time for a little walk.

7:12 I've outlasted Michael Craig and JJ Liu

7:20 I've outlasted Lynette Chan

7:20 cmitch busted in 2307th place :( Also, I outlasted Aaron Bartley.

7:46 I outlasted Lee Watkinson.

7:49 I outlasted Chip Jett.

8:08 I didn't know oossuuu754 was in this game, but I just noticed that he busted out as well. :\

8:10 Second break. We're down to 1618 players. Right now I'm sitting on a stack of 4340, up a little bit from where I was at the last break. The average is at 6185, so I'm a good bit lower than I'd like to be. The fact is, I've gotten very little to work with in the last hour. However, what I did get, I was able to use to stay alive and chip up a little bit. Chad is still struggling at around 1705. He must be getting even worse cards than me! Time for another walk.

8:16 I outlasted Stuart Paterson.

8:19 Chad went out in 1557. I think I'm the last blogger in here. I will try not to let everyone down!

8:25 I have outlasted Karina Jett.

8:39 I've outlasted Allen Cunningham.

8:51 I've outlasted Keith Sexton.

9:00 There are less than 1000 players remaining!

9:16 Third break. My stack has grown a decent bit to 8470. Unfortunately, the average is 12,332, still a good bit above my stack. There are 812 players remaining now. I've felt pretty confident about my game thus far. I just hope I can catch the cards I need to stay alive. I can play the short stack with the best of them, but I'd rather it not come to that.

9:23 cmitch tells me that Loopy is still in this thing and sitting at 5k.

9:26 I've outlasted David Grey.

9:33 Less than 700 people left now.

9:59 I think Loopy busted in 501st. Maybe now I'm really the last one. It's down to less than 500 people.

10:06 I've outlasted Farzad Bonyadi. I don't know who he is either.

10:21 Fourth break. I'm more comfortable with my stack now, but still not where I need to be. I have 20640, and the average is 25545. We're down to 390 players. There are 139 seats being awarded. I think I still have a pretty good chance!

11:10 I busted in 256th place when my A8s didn't hit against JJ. The end.


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