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June 14, 2007

I Just Can't Win. At Least I Moneyed.

The Mookie sucks. Riverchasers rules. Full Tilt can KISS MY ASS.

I played in my first ever Riverchasers event last night, and not only did I not bust on the final table bubble, I also made the money. And when I made the money, I was in first place. But Full Tilt hates me so bad.

I lost the majority of my stack when Garth limped UTG. I figured him for a monster hand, so I just called with my 88 and huge chipstack to see if I could outflop him. A couple of others came along for the ride. The flop came 8 high, and Garth pushed. I raised to isolate, and he flips over QQ. He hits a Q on the turn, and my nuts are kicked up into my lower intestines. No, wait, they were already there from last night. I think they are now somewhere near the esophagus.

Three hands later it's folded around to the short stacked small blind who pushes all in. I call with A3d. He flips 89o. 9 hits the flop, and I lose even MORE chips.

The very next hand it folds to me in the SB, and I look down at A6. I push my short stack all in, and the BB wakes up with 99. No help for me, and IGHN. What a horrible turn of events. But like I said yesterday, as long as Full Tilt gets this BS out of its system before Sunday, I will be forgiving. If I get busted with this crap on Sunday, someone will die. I still can't believe that string of hands.

I now refer you to Matt's Musing #1:

"If I would win the damn hands when I'm ahead, I wouldn't be forced to push when I am behind."

Words to live by.


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