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May 15, 2007

Tag, I'm It

I was wondering when this thing was going to end up hitting me. Almost everyone has had one of these posts up. I was tagged by Neil over at Geekster. So, here are my seven random facts.

1) I don't think I technically have OCD, but I'm definitely obsessive about some things. For example, I always have to push all the little tabs down on the top of the plastic soda lids you get at a fast food restaurant. Also, when I play tennis, I have to hold my racket so that the P on it is not facing backwards when I look at the racket.

2) I have been playing poker for over two years on one initial $30 deposit. I started by winning some freeroll SNGs over at TruePoker, but in order to use the money I won, I had to make the min deposit. I tossed in $30, and I've been going ever since. Looking back, I'm amazed at this. I was absolutely awful when I first started playing. It wasn't until about six months later when I started getting in to the blogger community that I actually started learning how to play in a more mathematically correct manner. Maybe that's why I get so many bad beats now; I used up all of my good luck at the start.

3) My first car was a black '86 Pontiac Trans Am. I had it for all of two days before my dad decided that it would be too fast for me. I never even got to drive it.

4) I have entirely too many hobbies. Among these are poker (obv), guitar (just started a few months ago when the UIGEA stuff went down), singing (I'm a tenor in my church choir) writing (haven't done much lately), video games (Nintendo stole my soul when I was 8), reading, and movies. There would be nothing I'd like more than to be able to quit my job so I could devote time to all of these. Right now, I have to pick and choose, and poker is definitely winning out.

5) I first got into singing because of two girls. We were standing in line for ice cream Deet's at VT when Fuel's "Shimmer" started playing over the radio. I started singing to myself, and one girl remarked to the other that she liked the sound of my voice. I ended up joining the singing group they were both a part of, and I've loved it ever since. I never did get the chance to date either of them, though, which was one of my goals when joining the group. They are both still close friends.

6) I may have invented the idea for a physics dedicated PC card. I posted the idea in a Half-Life 2 thread back in September of 2004. A little less than two years later, these cards were announced.

7) I was spelling before I was two years old, mostly because I watched a lot of Sesame Street and my mom read to me at night. One of the favorites of my parents and their friends was "ee-ex-one-tee spells door". Take a moment to marvel at my brilliance.

I think I'll end the tagging at this point, a la jjok, as I think most everyone that would do this has already been tagged.


  • Bummer about the T/A. My dad bought a Monte Carlo SS when I was 16. He didn't keep it long because he called it "a dent magnet." The night before he was to trade it in, he gave me the keys and said have fun, just don't wreck it. I must have taken 10K miles off of the tires that night with burnouts at every opportunity. I took it up over 120 and figured that was enough. If I had gotten caught, they would have thrown me under the jail.

    By Blogger BrainMc, at 5/21/2007 11:12 AM  

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