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May 23, 2007

One Game Away From WSOP!

I never thought I would say this, but God bless DC traffic. I got stuck at work a little longer than I expected today, and when I left, the traffic was just awful on the inner loop of the beltway. There was absolutely no way I was going to make it to choir practice at church, so I headed home instead. I got home about fifteen minutes before a satellite to the 100 Seat Guarantee was about to start. I know I said I was going to try and save the $75 token for a Blogger Big Game.

I tried. And failed.

I couldn't resist the temptation to try my skill against a bunch of donkeys to try and win a seat into what is definitely my best chance of getting a WSOP Main Event ticket this year. Twenty people ended up signing up for the satellite, meaning two people got seats, and three people got some parting cash. The game started off well enough, when I cracked some numbnut who limped in with AA. I flopped quad kings, and he goes bye-bye. Granted, I'm going to go broke there most of the time regardless of if he raised pre-flop or not, but it was most rewarding to bust the retard who limp-raised me.

From then on, it was fairly straight ABC poker with not too many memorable hands until the final table. There was a medium stack who was always re-raising people, and I knew he didn't have near the hands he was representing. I was a semi-short stack when I raised with 22 on the button, and this guy raises over the top of me from the BB. I pushed all in, and he called off half of his stack with J5. I kid you not. Oh, but it was s00ted, so it was ok. I doubled through, naturally, because the ducks are mighty. Fear them. He doubled up two other people before he busted.

I made it to the final six as the short stack with blinds getting crazy. I went on a small rush, pushing three hands in a row and getting action the third time. I doubled up with AQ against QJ and was up to fourth place. It was a good while before the bubble finally burst, and it took a lot of pressure off of me when it did; I hate the bubble. After that, I was able to be aggressive enough to chip up nicely. I was able to steal enough to where I was climbing up the ladder, and pretty soon I was in third place of three after the two other big stacks busted the other players who were playing too tight.

When we were down to three, I opened up quite a bit. One of the big stacks I was wary of, but the other one was not willing to commit the 80% or so of his stack it would take to bust me most of the time. It wasn't long before I was a slight chip lead, and the tight player was in my spot. The tight player got it all in with the other big stack AQo vs AQo, and the flop came three spades, giving the tight player the nut flush draw. It never hit, unfortunately, and they chopped.

The big stack eventually got it all in with the smaller stack again with 66 vs KT. It looked like the sixes were going to hold, but he got counterfeited on the river, and the shorty doubled. However, now the former big stack was hurting bad. It folded around a couple of times, and eventually the short stacked pushed. The other guy folded (ugh) and it was to me. I look down at 45s; it would cost me 1/5 of my stack for the chance to bust this guy. I thought about it until almost all my time was up, but even though my brain was saying no, all of my poker instincts screamed that this was too good of a chance to pass up. I would still be ahead of him if I lost, and the other player was too tight for his own good. I could survive.

Luckily, I didn't have to. When I called, he flipped up 78o. I spiked a 5 on the turn, and that was the game. Wheeeeeeeeee!

I'm pretty sure I made the right call there mathematically. I would like to hear your opinions on if you think that call was correct. I will win there 20% of the time against the range of any two cards, right? Even KK beats AA 20% of the time, so it seems to me I had to make that call. I'm really excited about playing in the 100 Seat Guarantee; this is the largest buy-in tournament I will have ever played. It's like the Main Event is so close I can taste it. Wish me luck come June 17th! Until next time, I will see you on the felt!


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