Poker Through the Eyes of an Amateur

April 21, 2007

Blogger Games Are Fun (And +EV??)

I had a great time last night playing with a bunch of fellow bloggers in an ad hoc $.10/$.25 NL cash game that sprouted up on Full Tilt. Tons of people ended up playing over the course of the evening, and I had a great time ribbing and chatting it up with my online companions. This is the kind of poker experience I was missing when I took a brief hiatus at the end of last year.

I ended up getting sucked out on early, but I think that the person who sucked out on me was a non-blogger. I'm pretty sure no blogger would make the call he did. He put all his chips in on the turn with nothing but a flush draw, and BOOOOOOOOOM, Full Tilt, never a software platform to shy away from rewarding idiotic play, dishes out the bad beat. I was down about 2/3 of a buy-in after that hand.

However, I rebought and rallied back. I took a nice pot off of TripJax when I sucked out on his Hammer on the flop with AK. That got me back my earlier losses and then some. I think that hand also signaled the opening up of the starting hands as new acquaintance Poker Gnome joined the table around this point and helped to loosen things up. (I think this is the right link; can someone confirm?)

I was also able to bluff a fairly decent pot away from Surf when he first sat down with nothing but air in my hand when I placed him on a small pocket pair. I think that most bloggers that know me have a pretty tight image of me. That might change after last night. :-)

The only other hand of note that I can remember is making a good read on SoxLover when he check raised me on the turn with a semi-scary turn card. I held QQ, and the turn came a K. I put him on a steal and, amazingly, I was right.

Other bloggers that played the game off and on throughout the night were Weak Player, Donkey Puncher, Hoyazo, Kat, Jeciimd, and NewInNov. I had a great time playing and chatting with you all last night. Of course, coming out of a blogger cash game ahead doesn't hurt either.

Until next time, see you on the felt.

April 07, 2007

Does Two Count As A Streak?

Final tabled a $4 180 this evening. It only paid out $25, but I will take what I can get. Busted out when my A9 lost a race to 88. At least it wasn't as bad as AA losing to 55...

April 06, 2007

Quick Post

It's 3AM, and I'm beat. But that's not a bad ROI for $15. Of course, it should be a lot more. I went all in AA vs 55, and I don't have to tell you what hit on the flop. Oh well. I'm completely satisfied with my play. Now it's time to get what little sleep I can.