Poker Through the Eyes of an Amateur

December 17, 2006

It's The Finish That Counts

Yeah, so I only won $3. I outlasted over 1790 other people to win it. This was also my first HORSE MTT. I think I may have to play more of this game.

Required bad beat whining: I busted on the bubble of the final table when some jerk sucked out on the river (which he should have never gone to) on a Razz hand for a pot of over $150,000.

December 14, 2006

We'll Try Again In January

Well, I lost my $60, but not because I lost a bunch of Sit-n-gos. I got impatient and tired of the suckouts from idiots who think they deserve their wins in the SNGs, so I went to play the cash game. At least there I can make them pay to try and suck out on me. The trouble is, someone always does in the end. So, maybe 2007 will start me off with a hot streak. Wouldn't that be nice?

Quick stats on the SNGs that I did play:

Game 6: Busted 3rd. Didn't log the exact hand. I think I played it badly, though.
Game 7: Busted 3rd with 88 vs AQ. Lost the race.
Game 8: Busted 219 out of 346 (cheap MTT) after some ridiculous suckout that I was too angry to write down left me severely short stacked.
Game 9: Busted 4th on a PLO8b game after some tool sucked out quads against my flush. That was infuriating.
Game 10: Busted 4th again. I made a move with a nut flush draw on a QJx flop. The genius who called me had 88. I wouldn't mind so much if they had thought about it, but they insta-called, meaning they were a complete dumbass.

December 05, 2006

Not A Great Start

Well, I've played 5 SNGs so far, and I'm not off to a great start, results-wise. The amount of bad variance I've experienced is on par with some of my worst swings. Bad beat stories suck, so here's a very brief summary:

Game 1: Busted 4th. Busted on the bubble as an 87% favorite.
Game 2: Finished 1st. Didn't get unlucky!
Game 3: Busted 7th. Donkey had three outs and caught two of them.
Game 4: Busted 8th. Donkey had three outs and caught two of them. (Yes, this happened twice.)
Game 5: Busted 6th. Pushed with 77 on the button. SB had KK.

So right now I'm down $8 to $52. (The Absolute SNGs that I'm playing are $6+$1.) I really really hate Absolute's software. I can't wait to win enough to make a transfer to another player for money on another site. Unfortunately, Absolute forces you to keep $25 in your account when making a transfer to someone else.

And the point of that would be...

December 02, 2006

It's Gonna Be A Rebuilding Year

I haven't been able to play a lot of poker recently. As I've explained in a previous post, I pulled my entire bankroll when it became clear that I was not going to be able to move funds around without dealing with a good bit of hassle. However, I still get $60/mo deposited directly into my account at Absolute Poker from Poker Source Online for that banner over there on the right. If you've been coming here for a while, you know that I built up my entire previous bankroll from a $30 initial deposit and never looked back.

So I figured, why not do it again? Only this time with $60.

When I first started playing online in January 2005, I honestly didn't know much about the math or psychology behind the game. Lightning struck several times, which allowed me to keep from going in the red, and I managed to stay alive and slowly build my bankroll. But that's the past.

I have almost two years of experience and the knowledge of several poker books behind me now. Plus, since Party closed it's doors to the US for real money games, there's all kinds of fish floating around my favorite sites. Once I get my deposit for this month, it's going to be SNGs for a good while to build from there. Last time I tried some low level cash games, but got kicked in the junk a few times and that was it. I'm going with the less risk approach this time. I will be keeping a record of how I do, and I will be sure to let you all know how it goes. Hopefully it will not be long before I'm back in the blogger tourneys on a regular basis.

Oh, and if you still come here, I appreciate it. I know I haven't been posting much lately, but it's pretty much been the perfect storm to keep me off the felt, so I haven't had much to write about. Hopefully that will change in the near future.