Poker Through the Eyes of an Amateur

November 17, 2006

I'm Still Here!

I'm still here, even though I haven't really gotten to play a lot of poker lately. I tried to do something with my $60 this month, but ended up getting totally shafted. I played last week's WWDN and did really well, only to bubble to a runner runner flush draw. I tried playing some cash games as well and got sucked out on by a two outer and a five outer. Both times I would have had pretty big pots and been on my way to doubling up my buy-in.

So, my $60 is gone, and now I must wait for December for the next. I think in December I'm going to focus on playing some SNGs to build the initial bankroll. As tempting as the blogger games are, I'm going to have to try and avoid them, as they are totally -EV. Maybe if I do really well in some SNGs I will play a blogger game or two.

Hopefully the rest of you are having better luck than me. One of these times I'm going to avoid getting unlucky, and I'll be back in the thick of things. Until then, you probably won't see me on the tables as often.

November 03, 2006

I Called It

Louisville - 44, West Virginia - 34.

Number three my ass.

November 02, 2006

It Makes No Sense

So Full Tilt Poker's customer support refused to unregister me from the satellite I won my way into. This is such BS. You can unregister from almost any other tournament after you have registered for it, why not a satellite? It makes absolutely no sense whatsoever, and it just pisses me off. What exactly is the big deal here?

Someone please enlighten me.