Poker Through the Eyes of an Amateur

June 30, 2006

Yay For Scott

DoubleAs' book is finally done.

Go buy it so you won't play like a lamer.


In my couple of days off from the virtual felt, I have been able to sort out my thoughts on some leaks I may have. I think I have come up with a way to plug them, and I will probably have a post on that sometime early next week. In the meantime, the only game I will be playing is the homegame we're having on Saturday. Who knows, maybe it will be a turning point for me, paving the way out of this slump I'm in. Good luck to the rest of you.

June 28, 2006

Game Over

I'm not playing anymore for a while. I need to clear my head.

June 26, 2006

Foxwoods SNG

Written on 6/21

Since I didn't cash in the tournament this morning, and there were enormous wait lines for cash games, I decided to play an $60+$20 ten person SNG to round out my poker day. We ended up starting around 3:45 or so. The table went as follows:

Seat 1: The big goofy guy. He's not a horrible player, but he's not great. He's a nice table personality though, and fun to play with.

Seat 2: The seasoned player. This guy was my main competition. From the banter that we threw back and forth, I knew he was going to be my biggest challenge. He was a great guy though, and I would love to play with him again, even though it's probably -EV. He also looked like Pauly.

Seat 3: The aggressive Asian. You know this type if you watch poker on TV at all. Think Tuan Le wannabe, only not as talented.

Seat 4: The lady. There's really not much to say about her. She seemed to be a decent player that just couldn't catch any cards.

Seat 5: The hero.

Seat 6: I'm completely drawing a blank on this guy. My wife says that he was kind of good looking, but I can't even come up with an appearance here. His play must not have been impressive either, as the only hand of his I remember is the one he busted on.

Seat 7: This is the guy who is still in the process of learning tournament play (not that we're not all still learning, but you know what I mean). He doesn't know a ton, but he doesn't pretend to either. He played like a rock for the most part.

Seat 8: The little old lady. Only this wasn't your regular little old lady; she kicked all kinds of ass from the get go and played very unpredictably.

Seat 9: The old guy. He probably grew up playing poker, but probably not no-limit hold'em. He seemed to be an ok player.

Seat 10: The quiet guy. The only words you ever got out of him were "call," "raise," and "fold." He played very well.

The game started out with a downswing for me. I picked up QQ my first hand, and I made it 4x to go after the Asian limped UTG. I got one call behind me, and the Asian called as well. The flop came ATx with two spades. The Asian checks to me, and I bet out 200 or so. The caller behind me folds, but the Asian comes over the top of me.

"Limped in with an ace did you?" I ask before folding my queens face up. He shows me AT, and takes the pot.

Play proceeds pretty normally, and I stay out of most hands. The Asian guy was getting pretty aggressive, but his reign of terror was short lived when he got too attached to top pair, and the little old lady flips over pocket aces to bust him. This gave her an enormous chip lead early on, and most of us stayed away from her after that.

The next person to bust was the goofy guy. He just couldn't connect with any cards, and he ended up pushing the last of his short stack in with an open ended straight draw. The guy in seat 7 took all of his chips with AT, when two aces and two tens ended up on the board.

"Pick a boat," he chided lightly, getting a couple of chuckles from the table. The goofy guy took it in stride, though, and left the game smiling.

The lady was next to bust out, as she just kept getting blinded down. She had to push with the next face card she got (which was a queen, I believe), but she didn't connect on the flop and was gone.

The old man went out next, but I don't remember any of the details about this one. It must not have been very dramatic.

The semi-good looking guy followed the old man out on a very questionable play. He was getting kind of short stacked, and found himself in the small blind. He pushed everything he had in with K8h after a big raise in front of him. The seasoned player and I talked about this for a bit after he left, and we couldn't figure out why he would push here with such a marginal hand, when he was just about to get to see some more hands for free. The only thing we could come up with was that this must have been the first face card the guy had seen in a long time, as he'd been pretty quiet.

At this point, I'm extremely short stacked with an M of about 4. I pushed once with 95o UTG, and got everyone to fold. When I was in the small blind, I hit my miracle hand. It folded around to me, and I pushed into the big blind with Q2h. Unfortunately, the big blind woke up with KJ. Luckily, the flop came with a queen, and by the end of the hand I made my heart flush. This was the definitive moment in the game for me.

From here I doubled up once more against the quiet guy when my jacks won a race again KQ. He went out shortly after when he had to push with a smaller stack.

"Ah, my favorite part of the tournament: the bubble," I said.

The chips stacks were fairly even all around at this point. At this time, both myself and the seasoned player ramped up our aggression a bit, and we chipped down the little old lady's chip stack. (Don't give me that look! She was asking for it!) Eventually she pushed with A2o, and I called with AJo. I hit Tripjax for the win, and we were in the cash.

The fight to bust someone in 3rd was where the learning guy's play fell apart. He failed to adjust his hand requirements for three handed play, and eventually both I and the seasoned player whittled him down. I put him all in with A2 when he was in the BB, and he called with K4. I hit a deuce on the flop, and he didn't catch anything.

Heads-up play was actually pretty long, compared to a lot of heads-up I've played online at the end of SNGs. I was the chipleader by about 2k on the seasoned guy, and we volleyed back and forth for a bit. The death hand came when he min raised me, and I found K7 in the BB. I called, and the flop came K high. I checked to him, and he insta-pushed. I called, putting him on a bluff or middle pair. He unfortunately had KT, and I was outkicked when the board paired fours. At this point, I was pushing every hand, and I ended up losing when an open ended straight draw didn't complete to his pair of nines.

It was a great game, and I just got unlucky in the crapshoot of heads-up play. I won back my buy-in from this morning plus $20, so I'm at a profit so far. I'm very much looking forward to tomorrow morning's tournament. Hopefully I can win my races when they count.

--End original transcript

Little did I know how crappy I would play the first hand in that tournament. Oh well, at least I learned something, I think.

Oops, I Lied

Looks like I didn't get that post up this weekend like I wanted to. Sorry about that.

Anyway, there's not a whole lot good to tell. I went back to the poker room in the afternoon on Wednesday to see if I could turn my luck around. My wife accompanied me, and kissed my ticket to the $80 SNG that I purchased. I went on to take 2nd in that one for a $200 payout. I'll have a separate post dedicated to that, as it is already written, but it's on my laptop at home right now.

On Thursday morning, I signed up again for the $100 morning tournament. For some damn fool reason I'm still not aware of I got cute in late position with QJo. I could have just limped, but I raised. I got one caller I think. I bet on an eight high board, and got called again. That should have been the clue to stop, but I bet the turn 7 card as well, convinced I could push this guy off his hand. He called again. I finally resigned on the river and checked, and of course the guy bets out. I pretend to think for a bit, when I'm really just kicking myself, and then I fold. He turns over pocket 6s for a straight on the river. Not sure I would have played them that way, but whatever. I'm the dumbass in that hand. That was the only hand I really didn't like how I played the entire time, though.

I won a couple of pots later and got back up to even, but as the blinds crept up, I went card dead and couldn't even steal. I ended up pushing with AJo on the button with no one in front of me, but the guy who had 66 before woke up with pocket queens. Of course HIS queens hold, and I bust out.

I played another $80 SNG that afternoon, and what do I get my fifth hand or so? That's right QQ. I raise it up and get two callers. The flop comes J high, and I bet out. One guy goes all in over the top of me. I know he doesn't want a call, so I give him one. He has KJ (WTF???), but of course my queens don't hold when a K comes on the turn.

I went out a few hands later when I ran my small stack AJ into AT and AK. Amazingly, AT wins with a T on the board.


I'll post my SNG write-up this evening when I get home. That's about the only good read you'll find on here for a while, as I've been running incredibly cold. It sucks. My online bankroll has taken a good sized dip, not because I've been dumb, but because other people keep sucking out on me. I think I'm going to take a break from the cash game for a bit and try to recoup some losses in SNGs and tourneys. I need a change of scenery.

June 23, 2006

I'm Back

"So Matt, is the lack of posts since Wednesday because you're still battling it out heads-up at the final table for a huge payout?" - Hoyazo

I wish, man, but variance just isn't that kind to me. I wasn't posting because we got moved from our smoking room (which we were stuck with the first night) to a non-smoking room which had broken internet access. I didn't really mind it all that much, but that was why there was no news. I will have a more detailed post up tomorrow, but suffice it to say that my hands just wouldn't hold up. I couldn't not get unlucky.

Double negatives are fun.


June 21, 2006

Lost My Race

Well, I didn't cash in today's tournament. I was happy with most of my play, however. The only play I didn't like was when I made a pretty loose call pre-flop and out of position the first hand of the tournament with pocket 8s. The flop came up very bad, and I had to let it go. Other than that, I was card dead except for about three hands, and I lost the last one. I had a pretty short stack after being blinded down and had an M of about 5. I look down to find presto in late position with one limper in front. I push, and the guy in the small blind thinks for a bit before making what I think is a pretty loose call with AJo for 75% of his stack. The limper folded, and I ended up losing my race on the river. I hate when that happens. At least put me out of my misery on the flop. Oh well, there is always tomorrow.

June 20, 2006


Yeah, you wish you were me. No poker today, though. We didn't get here until after six because of the stupid traffic in Connecticut. The traffic in New York Freaking City was lighter than New Haven, Connecticut. What the crap? Anyway, we spent the majority of today just exploring around the resort. We played some nickel slots, almost immediately won our buy-in, and then just blew the rest until we broke even, which is pretty much the best result you can hope for with slots. Unless you hit a jackpot or something.

Poker tournament tomorrow morning.

I'm stoked.

June 19, 2006

T-minus 24 Hours

I'm finally on vacation, and tomorrow we will be leaving to head up to Foxwoods! I'm very excited, as this will be my first time playing tournament poker in a casino. It promises to be a very fun and informative experience. Thanks to everyone who gave me some advice a couple of posts back. I'm sure it will come in very handy.

I will be playing two $100 buy-in tournaments, one on Wednesday morning, and one on Thursday morning. Both have a starting chip count of 2000 and a blind structure a lot like the PokerStars online tournaments. I think this is a good thing, as it makes the experience not totally alien to me and allows me a little time to play some good poker. I can't wait!


I played in the PokerStars Blogger Championship yesterday. I was doing very well, having a top 15 stack fairly early on. Of course, this was not to last, as the majority of the people playing this game are dumb as bricks. At one point, I flopped top pair, and check raised a guy to price him out of any kind of drawing hand. He calls with middle pair. I am already committed with my check raise, and when he makes a set on the turn, there's nothing I can do. What a crapshoot.

Congratulations to Dave, who won himself an iPod by coming in six places higher than I did last year. With this year having almost twice as many participants, that's quite an accomplishment. Well done, Dave!

I didn't know anyone at the final table, and I'm wondering how many of them play poker on a regular basis. I saw some pretty donktastic moves during the final five, and I'm wondering if it was just these persons' time to win the lottery. It's unfortunate that none of the big players made it to the final table. I would have loved to have seen Scott or DoubleAs run all over those n00bs. Oh well, maybe next year.

EDIT: Apparently StudioGlyphic was one of the final tablers. I didn't know his avatar was just glyphic. Congrats to him as well! Unfortunately, I didn't get to the final table in time to see him.

June 15, 2006

Blogger Events

I played in both the WWdN and the Mookie this week, but I didn't money in either of them. I was eliminated from both tournaments as a result of aggressive moves in the mid-game, both of which I'm happy with. Allow me to present them here for discussion.


The Setup: It's in the second hour of the tournament, and I have a stack size of around 3800. The blinds are at 100/200 with no antes, and I get dealt AJc UTG after having been card dead for a little while. I raised it up 3.5x here, and I get called by the button only. The pot is now 1700.

Flop: AsQcXc

I lead out for 1000 here, and the button pushes. He has me covered, but just barely.

Question: Do you call your last 2100 with top pair and the nut flush draw for a pot of 5800ish?

What I Did: I did call here. I was getting just shy of 3-1 pot odds to make this call. The flush draw alone is about 3-1, but I also had top pair here. It was possible (though unlikely) I was facing a weaker hand, and even if he had me beat, I could outdraw him. Also, if I win this hand, I'm in the top five in chips, and I have an almost guaranteed seat at the final table. If I fold this hand, I'm left with 2100, 300 of which will be gone in the blinds in the next two hands if I don't hit a playable hand, leaving me with an M of 6. That's square in the yellow zone, and not where I'd like to be.

Results: The button flips over AQ for top two pair. The turn is another queen, giving him the nuts. I'm dead to the last ace on the river, but instead I make my flush with the 2c.

The Mookie

The Setup: I am again in the second hour of the tournament. I have a top 10 chip stack of 3500ish with about 25 players left. Blinds are again 100/200, and I am dealt AKo UTG. I raise it up 4x, and it folds around to the cutoff who pushes for 1600. The pot is now 2300 and costs me 1200 to call.

Question: Do you call?

What I Did: I don't believe this should require that much thought. My opponent had been fairly loose and was sitting with an M of slightly over 5. He's most likely pushing here (with a raiser in front) with any pocket pair 7s+, an ace that's probably not as good as mine, or possibly even two paint cards. The only hands I'm really dead to are AA and KK. If I win this hand, I'm top five in chips and knock out a player. If I fold, I still have a decent stack, but the blinds are going to hit me in the next two hands. If I lose, I'm in the yellow zone, but still alive. Given the wide range I put him on, I think I have to call.

Results: He flips over TT, and I lose the race. This put me in a bad spot, especially once the blinds take 300 more from me. I end up pushing later with 77 into TT and bust out.

What do you guys think of my plays here? I'm pretty sure I played it right. I made these plays with what I believed were good odds in order to push myself into a great spot for the remainder of the tournament. I just want to make sure I'm not missing anything here.

June 14, 2006

Sitemeter Is Fun

The more observant of you readers probably already noticed the addition of Sitemeter over there on the sidebar. I had never tracked anything about this blog in the past, but what with other people making interesting posts about how others found their blog, I thought it might be interesting to see what lead other people here.

The majority of referrals are "unknown," which I assume means that people have me bookmarked directly. If so, thank you readers very much! I guess I'm not as boring as I thought. Another large group of referrals are from bloglines, which is most likely other poker bloggers. I also get a decent number of referrals from those I've linked to over on the sidebar as well as some people who found me via my comments at CardSquad.

I've only gotten a few hits from searches in the past week, but here they are:

- thebeerroom (I have no idea how this got to me. I hate beer.)
- fp password for freeroll poker (I guess this is kind of understandable.)
- texas holdem gaithersburg maryland (Gaithersburg represent!)
- matt silverthorn (Someone searched for me directly; I wonder if it was someone from high school or something.)
- poker (This was a search on blogger, not google; I was on the first page of hits when I checked it.)
- amateur party (Probably not the amateur or party they were looking for.)

and my personal favorite... *drumroll*

- hate Tripjax

Looks like TJ's been making some enemies! I'm not a Tripjax hater; far from it! But I do link over to him a decent bit, so that's probably why I came up in the search. Careful, Jaxon. Someone is out to get you!

June 13, 2006

Minor Stuff

Not a whole lot has been going on for me in the poker world since I took down the WWdN last week. I lost about $200 last week in NL cash games, but I've managed to get a good bit of it back, so I'm just kind of fluctuating at the moment. I lost $100 earlier this week to a rolled up set over rolled up set on Party 7 card stud, but I've gained that back by coming in 2nd and 3rd in two $30 SNGs, despite being completely card dead in both of those until the final four people or so. The players there are so unbelievably atrocious; I think I will have to play the $30 SNGs there more often. I can see now why Aaron likes them so much.

I played in the Hoy last night, and I was again completely card dead. The best hand I saw in my short time in the game was 99. I ended up pushing with A3 UTG at a full table (I know, I'm a madman), and it miraculously folded all the way around to Smokkee in the BB, who thought for a bit and called me with the fake hammer (s0000000000ted). Had he been unsuited, he would have dominated me. Instead, he sucked out when he hit a 7 on the river. :-)

I thought it was funny afterward when he tried to tell me "sorry, it's a blogger thing." I'm wondering if he didn't know it was me. He has me linked up on his site, so maybe he just hasn't made the connection yet. It took a lot of other bloggers a little while to get it all figured out too.

For the rest of you who may not have done so yet, here is a public service announcement:

kaellinn18 = Matt

It's my nickname on all poker sites I play at, except Sun Poker, where it is kaellinn because they limited their screennames to nine characters. (???)

I better see you all at the WWdN: kaellinn18 Invitational tonight. I'm looking to repeat, so someone's gonna need to be there to stop me. A word of warning: after this past week, I'm due for a run of cards. Be afraid.

June 12, 2006

Casino Etiquette

As many of you already know, I am bound for Foxwoods on Tuesday of next week with my wife for our third anniversary. It promises to be a very nice and relaxing getaway for us both. I will be playing in two $80+$20 NL Hold'em tournaments, one on Wednesday morning and one on Thursday morning. While I'm slinging chips in the tournaments, the wife will be pampering herself at the spa. Everybody wins!

This will be my first trip to a brick and mortar casino, and so I would like you guys (and gals) to help me out with some etiquette questions. Also, please feel free to supply any other points that I may miss in my questions. Some of these questions may seem silly, but I don't want to accidentally offend anyone. Thank you in advance for any help you can offer.

Note: A lot of these questions have to do with tipping. I'm no tight wad; I generally tip 20%+ for good service at a restaurant. However, I don't want to just throw money at people either.

1) When is it appropriate to tip the dealer? When you leave the table? When you hit a big pot?

1a) What is an appropriate amount to tip the dealer?

2) Do you tip dealers in tournaments? If so, I'm assuming that this is at the end, after you've collected your prize money?

2a) If you tip the dealers in tournaments, is there a collective pot for all of them? I would think it might be a little tough to remember all of the individual dealers as you get moved around, especially if it's a large tournament.

3) Do you tip chip runners/waitresses every time they get something for you? What's an appropriate amount?

4) Say you're in the middle of a tournament, and you need to use the restroom. It's 30 minutes until the next break. Do you just get up and go?

5) If you know you're going to be tipping a decent bit throughout an evening, do you prepare by setting aside a certain amount of smaller denomination bills/chips, or do you just tip as you go? If you tip as you go, do you ask for change?

I'm pretty sure I had some other questions, but I can't think of them off of the top of my head. If there's anything that I've missed that you can contribute, it would be most appreciated.

June 08, 2006

She Loves Me, She Hates Me

I was going to post a little rant today about how I dropped $200 last night, half of it to someone who got lucky with a dominated pair, and half of it to someone playing a horrible hand who shouldn't have been in the pot in the first place. But after reading Wes' latest post, I just don't have the right to say anything. The fact is Lady Variance can be both loving and giving as well as cruel and heartless, and it's just something we have to learn to live with.

One of the differences between a good player and a bad player is the ability to recognize that these things will happen, but that you will be able to overcome it in the long run. I hope the Lady is treating the rest of you better than Wes and I. At least I was able to recover $20 of my loss fairly quickly at $3/$6 Stud before I went to bed.


I played in the Mookie last night as well, which is always a fun game. I was insanely card dead for the first 40 minutes or so. I mean, it was bad. The best hand I saw was 66. The best ace I saw was A9. So I did a whole lot of folding, watching my stack dwindle. I finally managed to double up to a good size when I caught a set of 5s against someone who thought going all in with KJ and top pair was a good idea.

After the first break I started to catch some cards, but I wasn't able to get much action. The blinds steadily increased, and soon I was in push/fold mode with an M of 6. The end for me came when someone raised 3x on the button, as he had consistently done for the past four orbits or so. I look down at ATs (THE LAMER!), and I decide to push, knowing that this hand is always the death of me. The guy insta-calls with... 77? I'm not sure why he would call off 70% of his stack with a hand that at best was 50% to win, but whatever. I hit my ace on the flop, but the guy rivered his two outer set on me. RiverStars is back in form! I was wondering why I didn't get rivered out of the WWdN on Tuesday; for some reason, I was able to do the rivering in a couple of hands (like busting Wil). Must have been a bug in the software. Or Otis fell asleep at the Big Red Button.

Oh well, it was a fun time as always. Thanks to Mookie for hosting, and congrats to Waffles, JJOK, Hoyazo, Mookie, and Duggle for making the final table! My condolences to Chris who was unfortunately the bubble boy. Good luck at the tables tonight everyone!

June 07, 2006

He's On Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiire

/NBA Jam

I'm totally amped right now. I went into the WWdN tonight expecting to do pretty well and possibly make the money, but... well, just look for yourself.

Booyah! I ended up taking taking down the whole thing! It may sound arrogant, but my initial thought was, "It's about time." I've come close to winning this and other MTTs several times, but I could just never take those last few steps. It was pretty irritating. I'm glad that Lady Variance has finally chosen to smile on me. It's a nice feeling.

Of course, a lot of it is also due to the change in my MTT mid-game. Thanks to Harrington's books and reading some of Hoyazo's tournament strategy recaps, I have definitely made a big leap in this area. Up to about a month ago, I was definitely being too tight in the mid-game, and I'm sure that this had a lot to do with why I could never take one down. I would always hit the final table as a short stack and automatically be in push/fold mode. Recently, I have been hitting the final tables as one of the chip leaders, which allows me a lot more freedom in hand selection, as well as the ability to bully some of the smaller stacks with less than stellar hands.

Oh, and there's also some icing on this cake.

Yep, I busted out the man himself in third place at the final table. Oh man, and what a final table. This was definitely the toughest one I've been seated at. There were definitely no slackers here, and everyone was being aggressive. The only reason I made it as far as I did at the final table was that I won several key races. Of course, I'm sure that's true of any MTT. The final three between myself, Wil, and Mungo lasted for a loooooooong time. Mungo started out with a huge chip lead on Wil and myself, but we were able to chip up some. When the third break rolled around, we were all evenly stacked, with me having a slight chip lead.

I came out of the break roaring. I hit some cards preflop, finally, and I was able to steal a few pots with no opposition. With blinds as high as they were, this gave me a much higher chip lead. A few hands later I caught KJo in the SB, and I raised into Wil, whose stack was dwindling. He pushed with what turned out to be Ace-small, and I called. He hit his small on the flop, but I rivered a K.

Heads-up lasted only one hand, I think. I was the SB with 56o, and I completed. Mungo raised me a little bit, and I called. I hit bottom pair on a flop of Q75. Mungo pushed in front of me, and I went in to the tank a bit. I came to the conclusion that if he had a hand, he would not have pushed because he would want a call. Plus I was getting about 3-2 odds. I decided to call, and he showed his J9 bluff. He didn't improve, and I emerged the champion!

Thanks to everyone who was there railing. The chat was a blast as always, and it's always nice to have people rooting for you. Thanks to Wil for hosting and being gracious with my river suckout. And here's a third sentence so that this is technically a complete paragraph. I know I started it with a conjunction. You got a problem with that?

What a great way to start off June!

June 06, 2006

I Broke The Barrier!

That's right. This evening, my bankroll finally broke $1000! I guess my goal now is to double that by the end of the year. Also, another goal I have added for myself is to final table a large field MTT. If I do that pretty soon, then I will add the goal of winning a large field MTT. I will define large field for the purposes of this goal as 500+.

June 02, 2006

$5 Rebuy Madness

I was just getting ready to play some poker tonight, when Weak hit me up on the girly chat thing.

"$5 rebuy at 6:30?"

Why, thank you, Weak, don't mind if I do. I started off the game kicking all sorts of ass. I had a top 50 stack at the first break with an initial field of 1454 people. Awesome. Weak, unfortunately, couldn't get things going, and bowed out shortly after the first break. However, he's currently kicking butt in the $3 rebuy which started about two hours later. Maybe he'll actually write about it in his effort to post more than twice in one month!

I played another excellent mid-game tonight, taking the cue from my performance in the Mookie on Wednesday. I let myself be a lot more aggressive, while also managing to keep it under control. I was able to let hands go when I thought I was beat, and I made myself push with marginal hands when I thought I was ahead. I had a few suckouts, but you have to suckout a few times if you're going to get anywhere in a rebuy tournament.

I made it to the money easily, and I believe I was a top 20 stack when this happened. However, that was not to last, as I ran AK into KK. I didn't catch an A or a deuce for my straight, and I was severely crippled. However, I had a great group of people railing me, including Weak, Surflexus, Jules, and Kat. Jordan, Veneno, and Dave showed up toward the end, and I appreciate their support as well. Their advice to me in the end game was definitely valuable. (As it happens, the end game is the one section of Harrington I haven't read yet; I should probably do that soon.) I may have busted out several spots earlier than I did if I hadn't had them to bounce my play off of. Thanks for listening guys!

I managed to double up once, buy some blinds for a while, and I made it up to the top 40. I was still really short stacked, though, and I ended up busting out in 36th when I pushed with K3 and an M of less than 3. QQ called me, and he hit a boat on the turn. That was that. I'm very happy with my play, though, and this definitely boosts my confidence for any further MTTs that I decide to play. If I can dodge over 1400 donkeys, I must be close to invincible! Not quite as invincible as Hoy, yet, though. :-)

I ended up taking home $112 for my $15 investment, although I ended up playing for over five hours so the $/hour isn't that great. I always learn when I play a big game, though, so that plus the $100 made it more than worth my time. Plus it was great to have a bunch of my blogger friends railing me. Hopefully I can take this momentum into the weekend and money in some other MTTs. Good luck to the rest of you, and maybe I will see you on the felt!

June 01, 2006

A Decent Finish

I played in the Mookie last night, and it was definitely a good game. I think this was one of the most fun blogger tournaments that I've played in to date. Almost everyone showed up for this one, including Pauly. I started off pretty well, winning a big pot in the first few hands from jjok with 88 on a ten high board. I'm pretty sure I was ahead, but we were both betting pretty aggressively.

I made it through the first break easily, and then round two started. I don't really have any specifics to give, unfortunately, but I do know that I played my best mid-game ever last night. The middle round(s) of a tournament have definitely been my weakest point in the past, but last night I lossened my starting requirements, upped the aggression factor just a bit, and ended up going into the final table about 3rd in chips or so.

And what a final table. There were tons of familiar faces, among them Waffles, Gary, Dave, Jordan, and Tripjax. Someone I didn't know was the first to bust out in a race when his AQ couldn't take down Gary's pocket 5s. Trip was next out, as he was on a short stack and was forced to push. I busted out Jordan in 7th when his QJ couldn't suck out on my KK.

Unfortunately, my run was about to end. I found AK in middle position, and raised it up about 4x. It folded around to Waffles in the BB who made an enormous raise. He had done this before to me, and I had folded, so I put him on a steal. I just couldn't put him on either AA or KK since I was holding one of each. I pushed, and he called with AA. Ouch. The ONE time he wasn't playing 24s. I didn't suck out, and I went out in 6th on the next hand when I pushed with an M of less than 1. Waffles ended up putting my chips to good use, though, as he ended up taking down the whole thing. Nicely played, sir. And congrats to everyone else who made the final table as well.

Tonight I'm hoping to play my Step 2 game on Party. Four steps to go to big money! Here's hoping...