Poker Through the Eyes of an Amateur

April 27, 2006

Running Good

I came in third tonight in the Mookie after both a very good and a very lucky game. I sucked out on three separate occasions to stay alive in this thing. The first time was one of my first hands, where I picked up AQo. I raised it up and got some callers. Flop came A54 and I lead out. Dave came back over the top of me for a raise. The way the hand had played thus far, I didn't think that I was beat, so I put him all in. He called with 54. I pulled a Q on the turn. Suckout number one.

Later in the game I was in a hand with Chris. We were at the turn, and I had top pair with an open ended straight draw so I pushed. He called with the made straight. The river brought the same straight to the board, and we split the pot. Suckout number two.

The last one came at the final table. I was in the big blind with 69o, and Rocco completed in the small blind. The flop came 69Q. I lead out, and Rocco called. The turn was a blank, and I bet again. He raised me, and I pushed. He turned over 66. I pulled a 9 on the river. Suckout number three.

In fitting fashion, I ended up going out in third to a three outer suckout. The board read QJT9, and I held Q2. I had been betting since the flop, and I pushed here. I was called by DogLawyer's Q4. A four came on the river. Nice, but I really can't complain after all the suckouts I pulled. PokerStars is temporarily in my good graces again, though I will be keeping a close eye on it.

Also, with this cash and an increase of $30 in my NL game over on Party tonight, my bankroll has exceeded $500 for the first time (just barely)! I think this is a pretty big milestone for me. I'm halfway to my goal of 1k by the end of the year. I've been doing really well in the cash games at Party, so I think that's going to be my main income, along with the occasional cash in the blogger tourneys.

I hope this week finds you all well. Sorry for all the suckouts tonight guys! (I'm not really.) See you on the felt! Now it's bed time.

April 25, 2006

No WSOP For You!

Well, I started out last night doing really well in the DADI tournament. I made it through the first two hours very easily, never leaving the top 20 in chips. Then, for some stupid reason I have yet to figure out, I made two enormous errors.

The first was when I tried to bluff the big stack out of a pot. Not only is this retarded in and of itself, but I didn't even do it right. I had middle pair and a flush draw when he bet, and I just raised. If I was going to bluff, I should have pushed.

The second mistake was when we were semi-short handed at our particular table, and I get QJs in EP with a short stack. I raised it up, and dnasty13 came over the top of me to put me all in. The way he bet, I thought he was on an underpair, and I hadn't been seeing good cards recently, so I called it. He had AA, and I was gone.

So congratulations to dnasty13 for knocking me (and Surflexus!!) out of the tournament. Since the same person knocked both of us out, George and I have invited Wil to fill in the fourth spot, and he has accepted. Scheduling is still in the works, but it should be a fun game. Thanks to TripJax, who will be setting up the game for us.

And a huge congratulations to Tony Soprano for taking down the whole tournament. Good luck in Vegas!

April 24, 2006

Claim Your DADI Bounty!

In partnership with Surflexus, I am offering a bounty on my head in the DADI game tonight. If you knock either of us out, you will be freerolled into a $10+$1 4-player heads-up match against us. It's not huge, but it's all in good fun. If the same person happens to knock out both us, then we will select a guest blogger for the 4th position. Good luck everyone!

April 23, 2006

Send Me To The WSOP!

At least, I hope it's me. It would be nice.

Now sign up, Lamers.

April 21, 2006

I Take Myself Literally

When I posted the other day that I was going to give PokerStars a break until the DADI tournament, I meant it. However, while playing around on the computer last night, I felt like playing some poker. I knew that I wasn't going to play at PokerStars, but that doesn't mean I couldn't play at another site, right? So I decided to see what I had at my other site accounts, knowing I probably wasn't going to have anything, but maybe I could use some points to play a freeroll or something. The results were not inspiring:

Titan Poker: $0
The only bankroll I had ever had there was from the instant bankroll promotion they ran. I lost the majority of it playing blackjack, but I didn't care because it wasn't my money anyway.

Absolute Poker: $0
I hate this software so much. It probably would have been more painful to play there than not.

Poker Room: $.70
Seventy cents? How did I manage that? Oh, that's right. Poker Room only lets you withdraw even dollar amounts. I probably could make something happen with that at a $.01/$.02 NL table, but the min buy-in for that is a dollar. Jerks.

Party Poker: $0
Wait, what's this? I have unclaimed bonus money? Apparently Party Poker gave me a free $50 at some point this month and failed to notify me of this. And it expires in four days? Nice. Well, at least I only have to play 500 raked hands. Let's see how I do.

So with that, I claimed $50 in bonus money and sat down at a $1/$2 NL table, fully expecting to get bad beat out of my free money.

Only that didn't happen.

My first hand, I was dealt some crappy cards, and it folded around to the BB who checked, so it was just the two of us in the hand. The flop came with me having top pair, and the BB bet out the minimum amount. I raised him, and he folded. So far so good.

Over the next few hands, I just observed the table. This was made easier by the fact that I only got crap for cards. After a few hands, I was able to spot the fish. He was constantly overbetting the pot on any hand he was in, and no one else at the table would call him on it. This guy was going to be my ATM; I just needed to hit a hand.

The cards came a few hands later: AA UTG. Sweet. I raised it 3x, praying that the LAG had caught something. It folded to him, he called, and the rest of the table folded.


The flop came Kxx rainbow, and I checked to him. He overbet the pot as usual.


I pushed, and he called me with KJ.

And sinker.

Unfortunately that was to be my only double up through him, as he left the table shortly after. It was the easiest $50 I ever made. I wasn't going anywhere, though, because while the rest of the table wasn't throwing away money at the rate he was, the majority of them were fairly loose/passive players. There was really only one player I made a point to avoid, and he did the same to me. Over the course of an hour, I managed to run my stack up to $195, nearly quadrupling my initial buy-in. I wanted to keep playing, but it was late. I could feel my eyes getting heavy, and I didn't want to make a stupid mistake, so I signed off for the night. It was a great feeling to be back on my game, though. I plan on playing more $1/$2 on Party this weekend to see if I can really run up a bankroll over there.

I don't know why I left that site in the first place.

April 19, 2006

Break Time

I'm done with PokerStars until DADI 5. The bad beats and card deadedness over the past few weeks have just taken all the fun out of the game for me, which is why I play in the first place. I'll be back on Monday. Good luck to you all.

April 18, 2006

Ok, Seriously...

There's suckouts, and then there's my boat getting cracked by quads. PokerStars is my favorite.

100 Things You May Not Know About Me

I normally keep this blog strictly about poker content, but I thought that this would be interesting to put here, as it allows some of my poker acquaintances to get to know me better. I mean, a couple of other bloggers have done it so I figured, why not? So, without further ado...

1) I have another blog. It is here.
2) It's really pretty boring. I don't update it too often since I mostly post here.
3) I have a bachelor's degree in computer science with a minor in mathematics from Virginia Tech, and I graduated in spring of 2003.
4) I love VT football. It's the best thing about the fall season.
5) College football is the only sport I can watch on TV. I find anything else to be incredibly boring, as I would much rather be playing it myself.
6) I have been playing poker for a little over a year now.
7) I am, and have always been, a winning poker player.
8) I was very lucky.
9) It's mostly skill now, though. Really! Stop laughing at me!!
10) Although I am a winning player, my bankroll has never broken $500. I usually end up pulling money out to spend on other things.
11) I started this blog because I posted about it so much on my own webpage that I figured a lot of people didn't care and were sick of it. Also, I wanted to play in the Inaugural Pokerstars Blogger Invitational.
12) I came in 31st and won an iPod.
13) Scott is the one who knocked me out of the blogger tournament.
14) I have a wonderful wife, Courtney. She is the greatest thing to ever happen to me.
15) We also have two cats, Max and Roxie.
16) I think cats are great, but I am preferential to dogs.
17) Over the course of growing up, we had three cats, two dogs, two rabbits, and fish as pets in my family.
18) At some point, all of them except the rabbits were in the house at the same time.
19) Our house was often referred to as "the zoo."
20) One of the cats, Max, is the inspiration for my current cat's name, as they looked very similar.
21) I accidentally shut Max's (the first one) tail in my bedroom door when I was little because I wanted him to stay and play with me.
22) I went downstairs crying and asked my dad, "Can a cat live without its tail?"
23) He had to have half of it amputated.
24) He never held it against me.
25) I try to be that forgiving to people who hurt me.
26) I am a devout Christian, and have been all my life.
27) I sing tenor in my church choir.
28) I never really thought about singing in a group until a girl I had a crush on in college suggested I join her group.
29) I never had a girlfriend until I was in college.
30) I was always the "nice guy" in high school that girls thought of "like a brother."
31) It pissed me off.
32) I only had one girlfriend before I met Courtney.
33) I can't imagine ever being with anyone else.
34) We're going to Foxwoods for our anniversary this year.
35) I will be playing in my first ever live tournaments there.
36) I have two sisters, Mandy (23) and Julie (16).
37) They were in a horrible car accident last year in May, and Julie is still in the process of recovering. She can not walk or talk yet, but she laughs all the time and is constantly making progress.
38) She inspires me.
39) I was hired out of college to develop web sites for a government contractor.
40) I had no experience with HTML, ASP, CSS, or .NET, and I learned everything on the job.
41) I'm probably better at what I do than a lot of the people who have been working at my company for many years.
42) I feel I am underpaid for what I do.
43) I love to write, both fiction and nonfiction.
44) When my wife graduates from Johns Hopkins with her PhD in pharmacology, I would like to quit my job and either work for a friend's company or try writing a novel.
45) I have started several novels over the course of my life, but I never have the time to finish them.
46) I love video games.
47) I have owned or currently own an 8 bit Nintendo, a super Nintendo, a Sega Genesis, a Playstation 2, a GameBoy, and a Nintendo DS.
48) The time spent on these consoles pales in comparison to the amount of times I've spent playing games on the computer.
49) I have built my own computer personally, solely for the purpose of playing games.
50) The first game that I ever bought with my own money was X-Wing.
51) My dad probably played that game more than I did.
52) My first car was a black 1986 Pontiac Trans-am.
53) I never got to drive it because my dad thought it was too fast for me.
54) My first car that I got to drive was a 1994 Chevy Lumina. It was fast enough.
55) I was born in Atlanta, Georgia, but I moved to Rock Hill, South Carolina when I was three. I lived there until I went to college, graduated, and moved to Maryland.
56) Maryland has some of the worst drivers I have ever seen.
57) It is easier to get a driver's license in Maryland if you are homeless than if you have an actual address.
58) I went to the MVA (read: DMV) four times before I was finally able to get my driver's license.
59) When I was first getting my license in South Carolina, I failed my first driver's test because I nudged one of the stands while parallel parking.
60) It was the only error I made in the whole test.
61) The stands had actually been placed too close together accidentally, yet I still managed to parallel park the car between them. I was automatically failed, however, since I barely nudged one.
62) I played basketball, baseball, and soccer at some point in high school.
63) I only played soccer my senior year, but I made all conference in defense. I wish I had played more.
64) I have never had a broken bone, but I have had stitches.
65) When I was in the fourth grade, we grew crystals in an aquarium as a science experiment. The teacher asked me and a friend to clean out the aquarium when the experiment was over. I took it outside, but I couldn't get the crystals off the bottom, so I turned it over and started banging on it. My arms went right through. Twenty-one stitches.
66) I feel no pain in the area of one of the scars.
67) I have never smoked or done drugs, nor do I plan to do either.
68) I will have a drink occasionally, but I do not drink often.
69) I have RLS, and both alcohol and caffeine aggravate this condition. Since I have pretty much eliminated them from my diet, I have not had many problems.
70) I first experienced symptoms of RLS when I was a teenager, and my mother gave me Tylenol PM for pain relief and Benadryl for my allergies. Anti-histamines aggravate RLS.
71) Sometimes I have to make a choice about whether I will not get a good night's sleep because of allergies or whether I will not get a good night's sleep because of RLS. Catch 22.
72) I love to read, especially modern day thrillers and science fiction. My favorite authors are Tom Clancy, Michael Crichton, and Dan Brown.
73) I love games of almost any kind, and I am very competitive.
74) I am not a member of MENSA, but I probably could be if I ever got around to taking an official IQ test.
75) I was offered membership into all kinds of intellectual societies/clubs in high school and college, but I never joined any of them (except the National Honors Society) because I never believed in paying money to be recognized for my achievements. I don't need your piece of paper to tell me I'm smart.
76) My mom signed me up for one behind my back while I was in college (NSCS), and it made me mad. I thought it was a waste of money.
77) I purposefully graduated third in my high school class so that I would not have to give a speech at graduation.
78) I used to be terrified of public speaking, but after a public speaking class in college, I am now only slightly uncomfortable with it.
79) I graduated high school with over a 4.0 GPA, and I probably could have had a 4.0 GPA in college, but life is too short to spend all of your time studying.
80) Life is also too short to take your family for granted. I almost lost two of my sisters in a car accident and almost lost my grandma to breast cancer. Don't hold grudges. Treasure your family.
81) I'm running out of things to say...
82) Give me a second...
83) I bowled in a league for many years when I was a kid with a friend of mine from church.
84) Our team took 1st place in the South Carolina state tournament for our division one year. It is the trophy I am most proud of.
85) I do not have any of the trophies I won in sports in my house. They are all at my parents'.
86) When I was a kid, one of my favorite heroes was Zorro. I used to watch the TV show all the time.
87) I have always been fascinated by swordplay.
88) I have a MySpace account. I use it to keep track of friends from college that I don't see very often.
89) It strokes my ego when random hot 18-24 year olds send me friend requests.
90) I never add them.
91) I have been told that I look a lot like John Cusack. I have also been told I look like Superman.
92) I'm not nearly that muscular.
93) Superman was still a common nickname for me in high school, though. I think it's the hair and glasses.
94) The most prevalent nickname for me in high school was Hezekiah Silverstein. For some reason, a classmate of mine latched on to the idea that Silverthorn was a Jewish name. I told him it wasn't, but that Silverstein probably was. The name stuck.
95) I still have a shirt with the name "Hezekiah" printed on the back. I will wear it to my high school reunion, if there ever is one.
96) I started to get really interested in poker after I saw Chris Moneymaker win the 2003 WSOP main event.
97) I played poker long before this, mostly seven card stud in college, but never for money.
98) My grandma taught me to play poker when I was eight. We were at the beach, but it was raining. That's when I first learned the game.
99) My mom worries about me playing poker, even though the only money I've ever invested in the game in over a year is $30. I think it's funny.
100) I am glad that I am finally done writing this. This took forever!

April 15, 2006

Hooked On Harrington Worked For Me

I'm about halfway through Dan Harrington's volume one on tournament strategy, and I'm really enjoying it. The way he lays everything out and the problems at the end of the chapters make this book incredibly educational. If you don't have this book, I highly recommend picking it up, along with volume two, and adding them to your library. I'm not even finished, and it has already had a tremendous impact on my game.

I logged in to PokerStars tonight with the intent of playing a cheap MTT to practice what I had been learning and work on my table reading. When I logged on, there was a $2 game starting in 8 minutes so I signed up. As soon as the game started, I began to notice that my play was slightly different. I was a lot more appreciative of table position, and my reads on players were almost always spot on. I knew about table position before reading this book, but for some reason, I think I understood some things a little more clearly after reading what I had.

I was card dead for a big portion of the first round, but I had a guy to my right pegged as a hyper-aggressive player. I knew that once I got a decent hand, I was going to be doubling up. Sure enough, a little while later, I get AK. He leads out with a raise to steal, and I come over the top all in. He obviously has not been paying attention to the fact that I have played almost NO hands at all and calls me with KJ. I double up. A couple more well played hands later, and I am sitting nicely.

I ended up getting as high as 16th place with several hundred remaining out of the initial 1755. However, I once again went card dead for a VERY long time, and with blinds and antes what they were, I was soon into push fold mode. I ended up pushing with AK, and someone called me with A8 soooooooooooted. I was happy until he hit his three outer on the river. Such is poker I guess.

I'm still extremely satisfied with my play tonight though. There's one aspect of my game that I really need to work on, and that is dealing with those long card dead situations. I didn't quite trust my reads on the table at this late point in the game, so I was afraid to pull the trigger on reraises with marginal cards on what I suspected were weak hands/steals, but I wasn't quite sure. Hopefully by the time I'm done with this book and play a few more tourneys I will be a lot more confident. Regardless, I think that 88th out of 1755 is great! Too bad this tourney used PokerStars' 20% payout structure. I hate that crap. I ended up winning only $5. Oh well, at least I got my money back.

April 13, 2006

I Had A Feeling

So I was sitting at work yesterday, perusing various poker blogs during a short break, when I came across Mookie's and noticed that his weekly tourney would be starting at 10PM. Now, I usually don't play this game because it cuts into my sleep time, but as the day wore on yesterday, I began to get the feeling that I should play this game. In the car on the way home, that gut feeling was still there, so I decided that after I got home from choir practice, I would sign up for it.

About half an hour in came my defining hand, the same one I busted out of the Titan freeroll with: the open ended straight draw with a flush draw. I was able to see the flop, and two people pushed in front of me on a ten high board. Three to one pot odds = a call for 15 outs. This time, I hit it! I'm sure this is just PokerStars trying to make up for cracking my kings with crap hands the day before, but I'll still take it.

From this point, it was pretty smooth sailing to the final two tables. There were only 32 entries, so it didn't take too terribly long to get there. From that point, I was pretty card dead. I had to steal just to stay alive. I ended up surviving and making the final table as the short stack. I was able to pick my battles more carefully with eight people at the table (someone busted out while the table was forming), and I was able to win/steal my way into second in chips. Chris already had a substantial chip lead by the time the final table started, so 2nd was the best I could hope for at the time without someone doubling me up, and I wasn't getting hands for that.

The final table got down to six fairly quickly, and this was the most excrutiating bubble I have ever participated in. It should have popped three or four times, but there were several suckouts by various people. None of the suckouts were by me, though. In fact, I don't think I sucked out the entire tournament. (I definitely don't consider a 15 outer a suckout.) Anyway, I was eventually able to burst the bubble when my pocket Ts held up against T Nails T's pocket 8s. He had a horrible habit of flopping straights (once to crack my AA), and he should have been out long before he was. He played a good game, though.

Once the bubble burst, I went on a tear. I stole almost every hand I won to build up to second place in chips. Then two players busted out, and Waffles doubled up through Chris, leaving me the short stack. We went back and forth a little bit between the three of us, and I eventually busted out in 3rd when Waffles' AQo sucked out on my TJh. You're such a Tourist Waffles. :-) Well played, sir.

I didn't stick around to watch the end of the game, as it was way past my bedtime, but Chris went on to win with Waffles finishing in second. Congratulations to both of you guys. You played great games and definitely made it hard on me at that final table.

My $50 win was a nice boost to the bankroll. I should also have another $50 coming at me on Friday too, provided no one passes me in the 45 SNG challenge by then. I'm in pretty good shape so far. We'll see how it ends up.

My Harrington on Hold'em books shipped earlier this week. I hope they get here before the weekend so I can take them down to C's parents' and do some reading. My tournament game is ok, but I know it could be a lot better. I'm very eager to see what these books will do for my game. Good luck to all and see you on the felt.

April 11, 2006

I'm Sick Of It

Don't want to read my bad beat story? Boo freaking hoo. Get out.

I have two horrendous bad beats tonight. The first was from the WWdN of all places. I really miss the days when this tournament attracted quality players. Does anyone else remember those? Don't get me wrong, the quality players are still there, but there has been an influx of donkeys as of late, and PokerStars never fails to reward their dumbass play. Case in point. I'm in MP with KK. I raise it up, and I get one caller. Flop comes Q high rainbow. Genius bets out, and I push. Fool calls me with Q6 sooooooooooooted and turns another freaking queen.

Hand number two. I'm in a one table SNG. I have KK again, and it's four handed. It's raised once and called, and I push all in. Guy calls with AT soooooooooooted. Hits a runner runner runnner flush. Screw you PokerStars. I'm tired of your BS. I realize bad beats happen, but for the love of God.


I want to break something, but I don't have anything inexpensive to break.

As always, if you try to comfort me by telling me that I want these people to be making these calls, you will be punched in the face. I'm fully aware that I want them calling these hands. I just want the math to work out for once.


Poker Savvy said that they had been getting heavily spammed by people who want to get into this freeroll tonight. I didn't really think much of it, until I got home from work today. I was finishing up playing a game on my computer when I get this IM from someone trying to get the password to the game tonight. Below is an exact transcription of our conversation. The name has been changed to protect the retarded. Enjoy.

(17:16:59) donkey1: hi just im* when you get this thanks!: )
(18:01:43) Matt: do I know you?
(18:02:15) donkey1: im jenn!lol thanks for im*in me but okay you know how we are already registered for the tourney tonight?
(18:02:36) Matt: the freeroll?
(18:02:41) donkey1: yes
(18:02:44) Matt: yeah
(18:03:22) donkey1: okay well for some reason i clicked the grey box you know and it said unregistered from the tourney
(18:03:27) donkey1: and i created a new name so i dont have the pw
(18:03:29) donkey1: do you have it
(18:03:49) Matt: I'm sorry, I can't give that out
(18:04:04) donkey1: well i can prove im part of the tourney
(18:04:14) Matt: how so?
(18:04:44) donkey1: umm okay well look on your screen
(18:04:47) donkey1: on titan right
(18:04:51) donkey1: it shows the registered players
(18:05:18) donkey1: well my name is still on there but on mine it isnt cuz i just called my friend josh to see if it is
(18:05:31) donkey1: im badkatitude
(18:06:03) Matt: heh, now I know you're lying because I know her personally
(18:06:07) Matt: sorry I can't give you the password
(18:06:13) donkey1: damn haha
(18:06:17) donkey1: well what if i traded you pws
(18:06:19) donkey1: one for one
(18:06:25) Matt: no thanks
(18:06:30) donkey1: I PROMISE I WONT LEAK IT
(18:06:37) Matt: sorry no can do
(18:07:07) donkey1: why?
(18:07:14) Matt: rules are rules
(18:07:17) donkey1: imr eally not lying about what happened lol
(18:07:22) Matt: and I don't need an extra opponent
(18:07:23) donkey1: jsut the name cuz i had nothing else to prove it
(18:07:29) donkey1: oh so you want money?
(18:07:34) donkey1: what if i gave you 50 %
(18:07:38) Matt: lol
(18:07:43) Matt: sorry, no deal
(18:08:04) donkey1: well what do you want me to do cuz i really was in the tourney as a new member
(18:08:09) donkey1: and thats totally fair
(18:08:10) donkey1: right?
(18:09:15) Matt: sorry, you'll have to get in touch with PokerSavvy or Titan
(18:09:17) Matt: I can't help you
(18:09:33) donkey1: lol not for anything? so say you dont make the money are you gonna continue playing on titan?
(18:10:06) Matt: you're just wasting both of our time now
(18:10:12) Matt: I'm not going to give you the password
(18:10:15) Matt: try someone else
(18:10:20) donkey1: bye

No sooner had I brushed this guy off than I am IMed by yet another donkey, possibly the same person, but I doubt it as their English wasn't as good. I thought I would have a little fun with this one. I decided to give them a fake password and website. Check out the results below.

(18:13:36) donkey2: hello
(18:13:40) Matt: hi
(18:13:44) donkey2: :)
(18:13:46) Matt: do I know you?
(18:13:52) donkey2: hmm
(18:13:55) donkey2: not yet
(18:14:17) donkey2: i wont to bring you a deal :D
(18:14:24) Matt: oh?
(18:14:32) donkey2: you is a poker player if i right ..??
(18:14:45) Matt: yeah...
(18:14:49) donkey2: so ... :D
(18:14:54) donkey2: about titan
(18:15:20) donkey2: this savvy blogger FR
(18:15:27) Matt: yeah?
(18:15:48) donkey2: you reg there ?
(18:15:51) Matt: yes
(18:15:55) donkey2: ok
(18:15:59) donkey2: hmm
(18:16:06) donkey2: have you like a deal
(18:16:25) donkey2: exchange pw -> money if i won something ..?
(18:16:42) Matt: hmm...
(18:16:43) Matt: I dunno
(18:17:02) donkey2: what menan dunno ..?
(18:17:07) donkey2: :0
(18:17:32) Matt: why don't you just sign up yourself?
(18:17:38) donkey2: where ..?
(18:17:44) donkey2: I cannot find
(18:17:52) donkey2: or something ...:(
(18:18:01) donkey2: forum
(18:18:18) Matt: oh, they may have taken it down. Here, try the password: gottabesavvy
(18:18:54) donkey2: gottabesawy
(18:18:57) donkey2: ?
(18:19:05) Matt: no, it's two v not a w
(18:19:49) donkey2: hmm
(18:19:51) donkey2: lets try
(18:20:27) donkey2: is it correct ...??
(18:20:35) Matt: it should be. That's the one I used
(18:21:10) donkey2: hmm
(18:21:14) donkey2: not working :(
(18:21:23) donkey2: something is wromg
(18:21:25) Matt: hmm... I dunno what to tell you
(18:21:33) Matt: maybe they give each person a different password?
(18:21:46) donkey2: hmm not think so ..
(18:21:56) donkey2: anyway what a site is ?
(18:22:05) donkey2: maybe need to try that way ..?
(18:22:11) Matt: with the w?
(18:22:27) donkey2: i try v v
(18:22:29) donkey2: and w
(18:22:35) donkey2: incorrect
(18:22:36) Matt: hmm
(18:22:40) Matt: the site seems to be down
(18:22:43) Matt:
(18:23:09) donkey2: hmm
(18:23:17) donkey2: let's check it out
(18:23:19) Matt: sorry I can't be of more help
(18:23:26) donkey2: nope
(18:23:37) donkey2: site isn't working
(18:23:41) Matt: that sucks
(18:23:44) donkey2: aha
(18:23:48) Matt: well, I have to head to the store now
(18:23:55) donkey2: you is a member of that site ..??
(18:24:02) Matt: nope :-/
(18:24:10) Matt: anyway, I need to go
(18:24:17) Matt: cya!
(18:24:26) donkey2: ... anyway thanks ...:)
(18:24:29) donkey2: see ya

Unbelievable. Well, actually it is believable. And hilarious. Hope you got a good laugh out of it!

Maybe Playing A Freeroll?

I just registered today, since I only signed up for Titan last night. Hopefully I will still be able to play in the game. We'll see...

I'm in! Looks like it will be this and the WWdN game tonight. Awesome!

Poker Savvy

April 10, 2006

The Golden Donkey

Last night I played in a $3 rebuy satellite to the weekly $1 million guaranteed on Pokerstars. I didn't win a seat, but I saw one of the most amazing things I have ever seen in my life. About halfway through the tournament I was moved to a new table. At this table was a player named pokermike(random 3 digit number here). This guy was currently in the top three in chips and THE ABSOLUTE WORST PLAYER I'VE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE. I'm serious. THE worst I've ever seen.

But the guy just couldn't lose. A sampling of hands that he won with: 24o, Q7o, 8To, T3o. And he wasn't limping with these cards either. He was calling 4k and 5k raises. It was absolutely amazing. I don't think he lost one pot that he went to showdown with, and he rarely folded. When he did fold, I often would wonder why, as he would have sucked out on the turn/river, even if it was mathematically impossible. This guy was just plain unstoppable.

I have no idea if he won a seat or not, but it just infuriates me that this kind of player can make it as far as he did. He pulled two and three outers from his ass no less than nine times while I was seated with him at the table. (I was seated with him for a couple of hours.) He was so fantastically lucky that I christened him "The Golden Donkey" for his unbeatable hee haw play and refused to get involved in a hand that he had already bet into.

So, if you happen to run into pokermike(random 3 digit number) out there on the felt, be afraid. Be very afraid.

April 05, 2006

DADI 5: WSOP Qualifier

You know you want to. You can read up on all of the cool prize details at the DADI homepage.

Under Construction

As I mentioned before, I dropped a fairly large portion of my bankroll in order to play in the WPBT game on Monday night. Since I was getting dangerously low, I decided I would start TripJax's $55 SNG Challenge in order to get myself back up and running again. For those too lazy to follow links and read for yourself, the table below is pretty self explanatory.




Go Up






















*HTML for the table blatantly borrowed from TripJax's post since Blogger sucks with letting me use extremely simple HTML to create a table.

I had actually started on this before the game on Monday, but I decided that I would just blow my profits so far on the qualifier and start over. So yesterday I started up two $5 nine player SNGs when I got home. The second one I was off to a great start immediately. In the first one I ended up getting JJ my 2nd or 3rd hand. Long story short, I bet hard into a 9 high flop on both the flop and turn. The river was a seven, making a possible straight on the board, and the person I was against bet almost all in. I called. She had 77. She had pulled a two outer on me.

But she made a mistake: she left me with T120.

I doubled, tripled, and quadrupled up in the next three hands that I played. I ended up taking 2nd in this game. That's my best comeback so far on PokerStars. I came in first in the other SNG as well. So, I'm well on my way to level two of the Challenge. Hopefully I can keep up this level of play.

April 04, 2006

So Close, Yet So Far Away

So, yeah. Last night I decided to play in the WPBT qualifier for a $1500 WSOP event. I figured that since the WSOP is the whole reason I got into poker in the first place, I might as well give it a shot. I played extremely well, I think, but I don't think I should have played in this tournament. First, the starting stacks were 5000. If I had known they would be that large, I wouldn't have played. I ended up staying up until two in the morning. I'm definitely feeling that today. Second, I thought that more than two places would be paying out if there was only enough money for one seat. I got Iggy's tourney mixed up with the DADI tourney, and I thought that any left over money would be doled out in $100 increments instead of one big chunk to second place. Oops. I ended up going out in 11th when I pushed with AQo... right into Heather's AA. She was on a rampage.

Apparently Iggy kicked in some extra dough to send the second place finisher to a WSOP event as well. That's just plain awesome. Bonus code Iggy for the win!

My 11th place finish in my one WPBT event was enough to get me in 40th place on the leaderboard. Neat.

Now I have more edits than TripJax.

Oh well, so one third of my bankroll is gone. Whatever. I think I can earn that back easily enough. I have enough right now for 11 buy-ins to $5 SNGs, and I'm sure that I can slowly build this back up.

Aside from the financial aspect of the game, I had a great time playing last night. I drew a seat to start the game two spots to the left of DoubleAs. I was pretty nervous about that at first, as he is a player that I admire and respect greatly. After a few orbits, though, I managed to get comfortable. In fact, I was able to bluff DoubleAs out of a pot when I check raised on a QTT board. That alone was worth the price of admission.

I was dubbed the "set master" by Joe Speaker, as I first hit a set of 8s to double up through pocket Ks, and later I hit a two outer suckout with TT on a nine high board to beat pocket Qs. I believe that was my only suckout of the entire night. I suppose the 8s are technically a suckout, but the money went all in after I had flopped my set, so that doesn't really count. My best hand of the night was when I flopped quad 7s. I about peed myself. It's a good thing no one at my table was able to see me throw my arms up in the air in victory on that flop; I'll have to remember not to do that in live games.

Before all was said and done, I had played at the same table with DoubleAs, JoeSpeaker (they both started at the same table as me), Heather, April, Mourn, Poker Champ, Wonka, CJ, Poker Nerd, and tons more. I'd link all these people, but I'm very lazy. If you read my blog and you care, you more than likely know where to find all of them anyway.

I'm going to play in the Maryland state's qualifier for the World Cup of Poker tonight. Wish me luck!