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December 14, 2006

We'll Try Again In January

Well, I lost my $60, but not because I lost a bunch of Sit-n-gos. I got impatient and tired of the suckouts from idiots who think they deserve their wins in the SNGs, so I went to play the cash game. At least there I can make them pay to try and suck out on me. The trouble is, someone always does in the end. So, maybe 2007 will start me off with a hot streak. Wouldn't that be nice?

Quick stats on the SNGs that I did play:

Game 6: Busted 3rd. Didn't log the exact hand. I think I played it badly, though.
Game 7: Busted 3rd with 88 vs AQ. Lost the race.
Game 8: Busted 219 out of 346 (cheap MTT) after some ridiculous suckout that I was too angry to write down left me severely short stacked.
Game 9: Busted 4th on a PLO8b game after some tool sucked out quads against my flush. That was infuriating.
Game 10: Busted 4th again. I made a move with a nut flush draw on a QJx flop. The genius who called me had 88. I wouldn't mind so much if they had thought about it, but they insta-called, meaning they were a complete dumbass.


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