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December 05, 2006

Not A Great Start

Well, I've played 5 SNGs so far, and I'm not off to a great start, results-wise. The amount of bad variance I've experienced is on par with some of my worst swings. Bad beat stories suck, so here's a very brief summary:

Game 1: Busted 4th. Busted on the bubble as an 87% favorite.
Game 2: Finished 1st. Didn't get unlucky!
Game 3: Busted 7th. Donkey had three outs and caught two of them.
Game 4: Busted 8th. Donkey had three outs and caught two of them. (Yes, this happened twice.)
Game 5: Busted 6th. Pushed with 77 on the button. SB had KK.

So right now I'm down $8 to $52. (The Absolute SNGs that I'm playing are $6+$1.) I really really hate Absolute's software. I can't wait to win enough to make a transfer to another player for money on another site. Unfortunately, Absolute forces you to keep $25 in your account when making a transfer to someone else.

And the point of that would be...


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