Poker Through the Eyes of an Amateur

September 15, 2006

This Entry Will Be Boring

Not much happening on the poker front the past couple of days. I played in the Mookie on Wednesday, and I made it to the final two tables, but I ended up busting out when I lost a race with the Lamer. I don't know why I continue to play that hand; it brings nothing but pain and suffering.


In other news, Maryland got completely destroyed by West Virginia last night, which sucks. Not that I like Maryland, but I really hate West Virginia. I think WV is overranked at 5. Sure, they've been scoring a good amount of points, but their schedule is absolute crap. The only ranked team they play all year is Louisville, so it will be interesting to see how they fare there. I mean, they allowed MD to score 24 points on their own turf when it pretty much should have been close to a shutout. WV's offense may be alright, especially with Slaton running the ball, but their defense is crap. I'll be putting my money on Louisville when the time comes, especially if Louisville does well against Miami this weekend and also since WV will be on the road.

VT plays Duke this weekend. That's pretty much a gimme, but I'll watch anyway because I'm a good Hokie.


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