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September 27, 2006

I Post Sometimes

I had something all written up and ready to post at home when my internet died. This is doubly annoying because I was supposed to be working from home today, but now I've had to come in to the office. Even better, I get to deal with crappy traffic on the way home. Fantastic.

I have been remiss in posting as of late, and for that I apologize. I have not been playing much poker, really. Work has been busy, and some family issues have taken priority in my life as of late. Unfortunately, my grandma's cancer, which had been in remission for over a year, came back suddenly and strongly. The doctors didn't think she would survive through last weekend, but she did. She's a fighter. However, she probably only has at most a few weeks to live, as both her liver and kidneys are failing. At least she's not in any pain, which is a blessing. It is very difficult to watch a loved one pass away, though, so you'll forgive me if my blog is somewhat lacking in the near future.


On the poker front, I managed to play in the WWdN last night. I made the final two tables and busted out when Psycoma (sp?) called my all-in raise with A4s. I had pocket 7s, and she flopped a flush. Game over. After that, I decided to play some NL cash games on party. I ended up about two buy-ins at the $50 level, which is good for about an hour and a half or so. I know I can beat the game at the $100 level too, but every time I've tried to step up so far, I've been unsuccessful. It's usually either because of some ridiculous outdraw or because I made some stupid play I knew I shouldn't have.

Making plays that you know you shouldn't is a very odd experience, at least for me. It's usually me talking myself into people not having the nuts when that's what they've been representing all along. My brain is screaming "FOLD", my hands refuse to listen, and I end up making a donkey play. This doesn't happen to me very often at the $50 level, so I'm hoping that I can take my current level of play and move up to $100NL soon. I'm going to try and build a few more $100 buy-ins first, and then we'll see how it goes.


I may or may not play in the Mookie tonight. We got DVR today, so I may be playing with that. That is, if the wife lets me. She's already working out her schedule of shows she wants to record. So maybe I can play the Mookie while she's distracted with the TV. Good luck to you all, and I will (hopefully) see you on the felt.


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