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September 13, 2006

Deep Runs

I had some decent finishes in the MTTs that I played last night. I started out with the $10NL on Full Tilt, which I am a big fan of. There's tons of horrible play in this game. I was card dead for probably the first five levels, but then I doubled up with pocket 8s in what I thought was going to be a race but ended up with me being up against 57s. Good push; well played, sir. I lasted to the final two tables of this tournament, and I was poised to go deeper to the final table when my top two pair, top kicker ran into quads. Ouch. My opponent pretty much just let me hang myself, which I did in spectacular fashion. I busted out in 13th, earning me about $37.

While I was playing the $10 tournament on FTP, I also started the WWdN on PokerStars. I didn't pay very much attention to this game at all, as I was mostly concentrating on playing the Full Tilt game. However, I was able to make some big scores, and MsJoanne kept me afloat several times by trying to bluff me out of pots. I ended up making the money and the final table, but I busted out in 6th when my full house lost to a bigger full house. The weird thing is that all of the money went in pre-flop (huge blinds) and the hands were A7 and A9. The board came out 9x7AA. Crazy. I think I won $35-ish dollars in this game too.


In other news, it looks like I will not be playing in the Sunday Million this weekend, because it's not being held. In its place is the WCOOP Event #2, which is a $530 buy-in event, so I can't even play that one. I may try to satellite my way into that game this week, but I'm not sure. Hopefully the Sunday Million on the 24th is a normal buy-in size and not the $530 size to make up for the replaced game this coming weekend. If not, I may have to wait until October to play the big game. This sucks.

I will most likely be playing in the Mookie tonight, so I hope to see everyone there. The game has moved to Full Tilt, but it's still at 10PM EST, and the password is still "vegas1". I hope to see you all there!


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