Poker Through the Eyes of an Amateur

August 31, 2006

New Goal

First off, I'm going to be giving the cash game a break for a while. I'm tired of this wave of variance, so I will just come back to it later. I'm going to be focusing on my tournament game for a while.

Speaking of which, I have found my new favorite tournament. It's an $11NL tournament on Full Tilt which runs nightly at 7PM EST and averages around 450 players or so, with first place taking home $1K and change. The play in this game is generally absolutely appalling, and I have made it deep in the three times I've played it. I made the money the first time I played, finishing in the final two tables. I got bad beat out of the tournament the other two times with less than 100 players left. Last night's fun hand was getting hit with a runner runner gutshot straight to send me and my pocket jacks to the rail.

My goal for the immediate future is to final table this tournament. Once that has happened, my next goal will be to win it. Hopefully, I will do it all in one shot. If you're usually playing at this time, feel free to join me. I could always use more chips. :-)


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