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August 17, 2006

I Wasn't Listening

I played well in my tournaments yesterday. Made it to the final two tables in the Mookie, but got unlucky in a pair over pair shortstack situation. Made a mistake in a $10 NL tournament, but I think it was a correct play and a bad call on the opponent's part (mathematically, but not, it turns out, in actuality). I played in a $3 triple shootout to the Sunday million. I made it to the final four on my first table, and then ran AT into AQ in a shortstacked blind vs blind situation. So I played my tournaments ok, and I just didn't get the cards I needed.

But the cash games... Oh, the cash games.

I don't know why I don't listen to myself or what other people are trying to tell me sometimes. I played horribly yesterday, and yesterday just happened to be a day where I thought I would take a stab at $100NL. Definitely a fun combination. All of the following happened at 6-Max tables.

My first awful hand happened when I had KK. I raised it up preflop, and I get one caller. Flop came 78x, and I bet out. Opponent thought for a couple of seconds and called. I know that he is drawing to an open-ended straight. The turn is a 6. I bet into what I know is his made straight. He min raises me. I call, knowing I am beat. River is blank, and I check. He bets small, and I call, knowing I'm beat, because of pot odds. I see his 9T.

The next awful hand I played was when I had AA. It folded to the button, who limped, and I min raised. Yes, you read that right. I committed the cardinal sin of cash poker. I remember doing it, and it was almost like I was watching myself do it from outside my body. I couldn't believe I actually did it, but I did. BB Calls (duh), and so does the button.

Flop comes J9x, and I lead out for about pot size. BB calls (crap), and button folds. Turn is another 9. I bet out, and BB calls again (alarms going off everywhere are promptly ignored). River is another J. I check, and BB bets out. I call (???), and he shows his J9 for a flopped two pair, turned boat, and a useless higher boat on the river. Well played, Matt; you are a genius.

The last awful hand I played was when I had KQ, I think. I was heads up with a guy, and the flop came K2x. He checked, I bet out, and opponent calls. Turn was a blank. He checked again, I bet out again, and opponent calls (flat calls beginning to scare me). The river paired the x, and he bets out about half the pot. I know that he boated up on the river, but I just can't bring myself to fold my two pair. I pay him off, and he shows his pocket duckies.

In all, I ended up down about $100 yesterday. Not fun at all, and it was even more infuriating because I know I could have saved at least half of it if I had just listened to myself. Hopefully getting this down in writing will help beat that fact into my head. LISTEN TO YOURSELF, RETARD!


  • One of the downfalls of playing against bad players is just what you described. You end up taking marginal, vulnerable hands and going the distance with them......even though you know they have you beat, you keep thinking that there is no way they can beat you because they play bad.

    And in turn, it's you who played bad.

    Very frustrating for sure. It's like you said, you have to trust your instincts and believe in the betting habits or your opponents.

    By Blogger jjok, at 8/17/2006 2:39 PM  

  • I think we have all been there many times, calling when we know we are beat.

    Thanks for playing in the tourney last night.

    By Anonymous mookie99, at 8/17/2006 4:44 PM  

  • Ya we know we are beat, but deep down you just can't give up a hand you've put in a bunch of money in. Or perhaps we're just in denial that your opponent just happened to have a hand the very same time you did. Ya, you're going to to lose some big hands.

    Pay attention and keep putting your opponent on hands. Would they have played that hand that way with any other cards?

    Mark this one down and figure out the circumstances that led you to hand him more money. Then DON'T next time!

    By Blogger chipper, at 8/17/2006 5:35 PM  

  • "...figure out the circumstances that led you to hand him more money."

    I think I was possessed. I will endeavor to avoid this situation in the future.

    By Blogger Matt Silverthorn, at 8/17/2006 6:15 PM  

  • "Listen to yourself, retard"...I can relate to that one!

    By Blogger Veneno, at 8/18/2006 3:31 AM  

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