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August 02, 2006

Gigli Is Me

Short update today.

Went out FIRST in the WWdN game last night when I made a horrible misread of SoxLover's hand. I went out with 77 on a 5 high board (5533x), and he took me down with QQ. Of course, I probably shouldn't have played the hand in the first place, but whatever.

After that I earned my buy-in back playing cash games on Party, and then Weak hit me up for a blogger cash game on Stars. Had a great time donking it up with everyone, and I even had built up to almost double my buy-in. However, right before I was getting up to leave, I was dealt KJs in the SB. 23skidoo min raised, and I called to see a jack high flop. I checked, he bet, I raised, he reraised, I reraised, he reraised. I absolutely knew I was beat here, but I couldn't resist the urge to bust with "The Donkey," so I called, and his set of duckies took it down. It was only a $25 buy-in, so I didn't mind so much, and I still ended up for the day.

It was an all around good time. Hope to be playing the Mookie tonight. Have a good day everyone.


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