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August 08, 2006

Another Final Table

I made another final table tonight, this time in the weekly WWdN tournament, which is always a challenging game. Even though it was one of the smaller WWdN tourneys, with only 48 participants, it was still a very tough field. It would be hard to decide which I'd rather play against: a herd of 1700 donkeys where I have to survive a million races, or the small field of (mostly) bloggers in the WWdN game who have more combined skill than said 1700 donkeys plus Chris Moneymaker. I'm always up for this game though, and it's definitely one of my favorites.

It started off pretty slow tonight. I didn't put any money in the pot outside of the blinds for the first three levels. I just didn't get anything to fight with. Then I had the fun experience of running QQ into KK, which severely crippled me and left me with only a few hundred. I sat still for a couple of orbits and finally pushed in the SB with 57o, hoping that Surf would just let me go. However, he knew the dire situation I was in and called with KQ. Luckily, I flopped two pair and doubled through.

After that, I began to catch a ton of cards, which is not to say that I got incredibly lucky on the flops. I was getting killer hole cards. I saw AA and KK at least three times each, and I think I saw QQ four times. It was kind of ridiculous. I was a card rack, for sure.

I caught AA against SoxLover's KK to bust him out and give me a very nice chip stack as we collapsed to the final two tables. I continued to get great cards when I needed them, though things didn't always turn out as I wanted. Earlier in the game, I ran KK into AA and AT, but luckily I had both participants covered. I lost another key hand to Jules when her JJ flopped a set against my KK. That cut my stack in half, but I managed to catch quad threes a few hands later to double back up.

It was a bit of a roller coaster like that all the way up to the final table. I'm pretty satisfied with my final table play, though I did make one annoying mistake. I raised it up 3.5x one hand with AQo in middle position, and it folds around to the BB, who calls. The flop comes K high, and the BB checks. I just knew in my gut that he was trapping, but I went ahead and made a continuation bet. Sure enough, his response was to push all in, and I had to fold. That cost me about 1/3 of my stack.

I lost most of the remainder in a race with 88 against KQ. A king came on the flop, and I lost 95% of my stack. I pushed all in next hand with Jx, and the board was jack high by the turn. However, a rivered king did me in, and I failed to triple up. I ended up busting out in fourth place for a payout of $48.00. It's not as much as I would have liked, but you have to win those key races to move up the ladder.

Congratulations to RicoM, who took down the whole thing, and to dogtown73 who placed in second.

So that makes two final tables for me this week. They weren't both in crazy deep tournaments like Hoyazo did when he was on his streak, but at least one of them was. I'm hoping to make the final table of a $20 180-player SNG soon, and that will be my goal for the immediate future. In the meantime, good luck to the rest of you, and I'll see you on the felt!


  • Great job man. Loved watching you bust your way into the final table and that huge stack. I was sure you were going to take it down for a little while there. But hey like you said, a final table against this crowd is a final table, and you take what you can get. Way to go.

    By Blogger Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo, at 8/09/2006 12:25 PM  

  • Grats on your final table finish. Always good to finish ITM! You'll see me showing up to one of those soon.

    By Blogger chipper, at 8/09/2006 4:20 PM  

  • Great job my friend! It's always an accomplishment to money in a blogger event.

    By Blogger mowenumdown, at 8/09/2006 4:47 PM  

  • Thanks, guys. Hopefully I can continue making these deep runs.

    By Blogger Matt Silverthorn, at 8/09/2006 5:04 PM  

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