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July 16, 2006

Yeah, So I Cheated

I'm supposed to be taking a week off from poker. Basically, it was making me a lot more angry than usual, not because I was making bad decisions, but because my good decisions were not holding up. I needed some time off, and I needed to get some perspective. I need to realize that while this is a game of skill, there will always be some chance involved, like with almost anything you do in life. I need to learn to not be so results oriented, and this goes both for the good plays that go bad as well as for the bad plays that turn out well. I needed some time off.

But I cheated.

As jjok pointed out last week, there was a $25k ADDED tournament today on Sun Poker for those people who had earned 500 player points in the span of a couple of weeks. Well, since I had been chasing a PSO promotion there, I happened to be one of those people, and this was the only such tournament I was going to be able to play.

So I talked it over with my wife, and she agreed that I should play it. The overlay was just massive. The field was only 300 players, the buy-in was only $20+$2, and first place took home over $8k. I had to take my shot at this.

I ended up starting a little late, but when I got home and logged on, I had only lost around $150 of my starting stack. Amazingly enough, I logged in right as a hand was checking around at the river, and I had been in the big blind. I won with a pair of jacks and was suddenly up $90. Not bad!

I played pretty well for a while, but soon the blinds and antes were eating me up. I was forced to push with AJo, and I got called by AKh. The flop came with two hearts. Crap. I don't think I've ever hit a two outer. The turn was a blank, but the river was the magical Jc! I doubled up and was able to continue on.

I played for another hour or so, and we were nearing the bubble. The lowest pay tier was $115 or so, which would be nice for a $20 buy-in. It folded around to me with J3 in the SB on one hand, and I decided to push, as I desperately needed the blinds and antes at this point to survive. The BB saw right through me and called with Q7. The flop came with not one, but two jacks, and I sucked out yet again. This must be karma payback for the $370 tournament seat I was bad beat out of last week.

The bubble burst soon after, and then I lept into the chip lead when the chip leader decided to double me up when I had two pair with KQ and he had bottom pair. Another player doubled me up when I held KK to his JJ, and there I was. I probably should have slowed down, but I was getting crap for cards over the next few orbits, and each orbit cost about 10% of my stack (yes, even as chip leader, although that didn't last long), so I had to try and steal where I could. I had a couple of steals go bad that I had to get away from, and in the end I was forced to push with KQ... right into AQ. No magic suckout for me, and I busted out in 27th place. I can't complain about the nice $230 prize, though.

So, I cheated. But this was a one time shot that I knew I had to take, and it looks like it paid off for me. I'm going back into my self-imposed poker exile for a few more days. I will be back on the virtual felt on Friday. I won't be entirely absent, though. I'll probably rail people throughout the week, and observe some blogger games, maybe learn some new tricks through observation. So if you're playing and you want some company, check and see if I'm online. If I am, I'll probably be more than happy to root you on to the final table.

Good luck to everyone this week!


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