Poker Through the Eyes of an Amateur

July 11, 2006

So Close

I played in the WWdN tonight, and I was doing pretty well. I wasn't getting crap for cards, but I managed to survive to the final two tables. It was a pretty rough field, but I managed to get my few playable hands in good spots and make a few steals to keep a semi-decent stack to the final 12. I ended up getting all of my chips in as a big favorite (33 vs A3), but of course, this being PokerStars, they hit their three outer on the flop, and I get nothing. Oh well, there's always next week.

Speaking of the WWdN, has anyone heard anything about the Tournament(s) of Champions that should be happening? Last I heard the first one was supposed to happen pretty soon, but that was a couple of months ago. I hope that these don't fall through because they could be really fun. I don't remember which WWdN game I won, but I think I'll be in the second or third ToC if they ever get started.


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