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July 06, 2006

n00b Watches WSOP, Plays Online For Three Days, And Gives Advice; Hilarity Ensues

I was going back through my archives on my old webpage and found my first "strategy post" from January 2005, back when I first started playing Texas Hold'em. It will be readily apparent why I used quotes once you read it. My comments will be in italics.


When playing with a relatively full table (4 or more):

So four is relatively full? Maybe for a six handed game?

1: Never call before the flop with anything less than a face card, unless you are suited and connected. If you are suited and connected, and another player raises the blind a significant amount, get out.

Haha, I fail this one on a regular basis in cash games when I have position and a bunch of limpers.

2: Face cards alone are deceptively strong, in that they aren't. Kickers come into play more often than you think. Don't call with a face card unless your kicker is 8 or 9 or higher. Seven is questionable. I'd play a seven with maybe a king or ace. The queen loses strength with seven/eight and below. Jacks are fairly worthless without a good kicker.

Yes, A7! The Tourist was in full force before it was even The Tourist. Apparently eights and nines are undefeatable.

3: Call the blind if you have an ace. Maybe raise it if you're A/10 or higher.

MAYBE raise with AT+? Oh, dear Lord.

4: Pocket pairs are also deceptive. Only raise the blind with a pocket pair if it's 9 or higher. Pocket jacks are probably the most dangerous. You may raise on the blind, but if your opponent calls with an A/K/Q combination and one of those lands on the flop (which it likely will), you're immediately playing catch-up. Call the blind with any pocket pair. If someone raises, you may want to call depending on the amount raised.

I fail this one on a regular basis as well. I love me some pocket pairs.

When playing with three or less:

Because you're not short handed until you're down to three!

1: When you are playing with three or less people, face cards pretty much double in value. If you are dealt a hand with a combination of 10s and/or face cards, raise the blind. Call the blind with any face card if you have a good kicker.

We don't need no stinking position!

2: Aces are gold. Call.

Because if you have an ace, no one else will have an ace, ever. Guaranteed!

3: Pocket pairs are almost sure wins (provided it's a decent pair and not 2s or 3s). Call, if not raise.

Very true, heads up, but not really three handed. I'd play 2s and 3s for cheap, though.


Oh this is so ultra-simplistic that it's just plain awful. I had no idea what position meant. I never even mentioned anything about post-flop! I think back then, if I didn't hit the flop at all, I wasn't betting. I didn't know what a continuation bet was, and I don't think I ever bluffed.

The amazing thing is that this style of playing was profitable for me at one point. I turned $30 into $540 on TruePoker playing this way. I must have just been incredibly lucky that I didn't bust out. Either that, or I was playing with people who were donking it up even more than I was. I may have to check back at that site and see how people are playing now.


  • i'm printing this out and taking it with me to the promised land.

    it's always interesting to look back at early posts for a good laugh.

    GL at the tables.

    By Blogger smokkee, at 7/06/2006 2:24 PM  

  • It is fun to look back and laugh...I'm too scared to do it.

    Thanks for playing in the tournament last night.

    By Anonymous mookie99, at 7/06/2006 4:07 PM  

  • MansionPoker is on Fox Sport can play in daily freerolls and win a trip to Vegas. They have built a"PokerDome" somewhere in Vegas. They shoot the show on Saturday and play it on Sunday night.

    See you at the Mookie...I am WLDWLDWMN.

    By Blogger FOOD & POKER FANATIC, at 7/08/2006 10:41 PM  

  • Matt,

    Gotta love looking back at your play. I think you can really learn a lot from revisiting your old play. You probably wont go back to any of the old strategy but it will open your eyes to the fact that you are never where you want to be.


    By Blogger Nick Christy, at 7/09/2006 12:35 AM  

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