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July 27, 2006

Blogger Rebuy Madness OR How jjok Almost Cost Me $80

I love blogger tournaments. I love rebuy tournaments. When Jordan and Tripjax had the brilliant idea to combine the two for DADI 8, I pretty much peed myself with delight. (NOTE: All affected clothing was changed prior to the event.) I went into this event with great anticipation, especially coming off my deep run in the $5 rebuy last week.

I had a pretty tough starting table, featuring such heavy hitters as Gracie, Derek, Bobby Bracelet, Tripjax, GCox, and lots of others who I'm forgetting but probably don't read me anyway. If you do, I'm sorry! (Sorry I forgot you, not sorry that you read. Please don't leave! Wait! Come back!) Well, who needs them anyway, right?

The game started off rough for me. I got maybe three pushworthy hands the entire first hour. I lost all of my pushes, except the last one just before the break where I rivered a straight to crack TripJax's pocket aces. I added on at the break, and I think I was in the event for a total of $30 or so, which is nothing compared to Jordan, who rebought an alarmingly high 14 times! Thanks for contributing to the prize pool, my man!

Once we got down to the real poker, I started doing a lot better. I was able to build my chip stack by winning ALL of the races that I played. That's right, I was 100% in my races, but I was also always the favorite. This is definitely a rarity for me, as I usually always lose the stupid things. Yay for variance!

The final two tables was where it really started to get tough. The blinds and antes were huge, and everyone's M hovered near the single digits, except of course for Smokkee and Weak Player who had gargantuan stacks. I survived by stealing and re-stealing. I had one really scary hand against jjok where I raised UTG with the suited lamer (AT). jjok calls me, and we see a flop of 778 I believe it was. I put out a large continuation bet, but he comes over the top of me all in. My read of him, based on the way he'd been playing, was that he was on a draw, and I had the best hand currently. So I called him, and he flips over 56. My read was correct, but unfortunately he hit his draw on the turn, crippling me down to T6500 with 600/1200 blinds and me now in the BB.

However, I staged pretty much my greatest comeback ever by stealing where I could and finally doubling up through Dave when my JJ held up against his AJ. I continued to play aggressively, and that's when we get to a pretty key hand.

brdweb raises in middle position, and I decide to call with JJ to see what the texture of the flop looks like. I had a deep enough stack at this point where the call didn't really hurt me. However, GScottW to my left pushes in for his last 10k or so. This is where I think brd made a big mistake. GScottW's raise was not enough to push either of us out, but brdweb pushes over the top all in before the action gets to me. He has me covered, and since we're two places from the money, I decide to fold my jacks and fight another day.

brdweb flips over AQ, and GScottW flips over AT. I couldn't believe it. How can you come back over the top of someone who can help you bust a player with just AQ?! Luckily, GScottW did not spike a ten, and he was eliminated. If he had, though, he would have almost tripled up, and that would have been bad for everyone. What I think brdweb should have done is call GScottW's bet and allow me into the hand, so there are two chances to bust him. If I had been in the hand, GScott's chances of winning would have been almost nil. Any ace would have been beaten by brd, and any ten would not have been enough to top my jacks. He would have had to hit runners for two pair, trips, or a straight to stay alive.

Unfortunately for me, I folded the best hand there, which would have busted GScottW and severely crippled brd since he went all in. No aces, queens, or tens came on the board, and the river was a jack. I probably would have gone much deeper had I called on this hand, but I am happy with my play, and I think I made the right decision.

Soon after this we made it to the final table where Dave was the first one out, when he lost what I think was a race with 99 against KQ. Bobby Bracelet went out next, and we played a couple more orbits with very few flops seen. Then came my death hand where I was dealt 88 on the button. brdweb made a raise from the cutoff, as he had been doing the whole game, stealing blinds where he could. I decided to push here, and he insta-called with KK. There's not much I can do about that, and I go home in 7th place and a prize of almost $80. Congrats to brdweb, who ended up taking down the tournament in the end!

I definitely had a great time, and I would like to thank Jordan and Tripjax and anyone else who had a part in setting this up. I think Gcox helps them out too. I've definitely been able to see an increase in the quality of my late stage tournament play of late, and I have been regularly making in deep in these MTTs. Hopefully I can keep this level of play up and make a big score in the near future. Good luck to the rest of you, and have a great rest of the week!


  • First off, CONGRATS!!!


    My 56sooooooted hand had to be my favorite hand of the night.

    My question to you would only be why call a 3Xpot, huge overbet push with just overcards? If I'm on a flush draw or straight draw, you are at best a coinflip?

    Quite honestly, I usually am not that aggressive from the BB, I just felt like playing the hand. I saw a meaty draw and a very scary flop and decided that it was the right time to try and take down a pot.

    Very happy and impressed on your comeback man! Well done.

    Now lets go beat up some englishmen on Sun with the mook, mkay?!?!


    By Blogger jjok, at 7/27/2006 2:09 PM  

  • I called for a couple of reasons.

    1) I knew I was ahead.

    2) I was willing to take a coinflip at this point in time. We were still many places from the money, and I needed to get more chips. To win one of these things, you have to win races. I'd rather take a race with two cards to come than a race with five cards to come any day of the week.

    3) I had you covered. If I win, not only am I sitting well with chips, but I knock you out. It also sends a message to the rest of the table not to try and bluff me off of hands, as I will call you down if I think I'm ahead.

    So, even though the outcome of the hand wasn't what I wanted, I made the right decision. It worked out alright in the end anyway!

    By Blogger Matt Silverthorn, at 7/27/2006 2:43 PM  

  • good job last night matt!

    By Blogger Derek McG, at 7/27/2006 8:18 PM  

  • Good work!

    By Blogger Slimeface, at 7/27/2006 9:53 PM  

  • Nice finish Matt.

    By Blogger mowenumdown, at 7/27/2006 11:12 PM  

  • Congrats on the finish.I never managed to play this time but I always reckon these blogger mtt's are far harder to place in.

    By Blogger littleacornman, at 7/28/2006 8:29 AM  

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