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June 14, 2006

Sitemeter Is Fun

The more observant of you readers probably already noticed the addition of Sitemeter over there on the sidebar. I had never tracked anything about this blog in the past, but what with other people making interesting posts about how others found their blog, I thought it might be interesting to see what lead other people here.

The majority of referrals are "unknown," which I assume means that people have me bookmarked directly. If so, thank you readers very much! I guess I'm not as boring as I thought. Another large group of referrals are from bloglines, which is most likely other poker bloggers. I also get a decent number of referrals from those I've linked to over on the sidebar as well as some people who found me via my comments at CardSquad.

I've only gotten a few hits from searches in the past week, but here they are:

- thebeerroom (I have no idea how this got to me. I hate beer.)
- fp password for freeroll poker (I guess this is kind of understandable.)
- texas holdem gaithersburg maryland (Gaithersburg represent!)
- matt silverthorn (Someone searched for me directly; I wonder if it was someone from high school or something.)
- poker (This was a search on blogger, not google; I was on the first page of hits when I checked it.)
- amateur party (Probably not the amateur or party they were looking for.)

and my personal favorite... *drumroll*

- hate Tripjax

Looks like TJ's been making some enemies! I'm not a Tripjax hater; far from it! But I do link over to him a decent bit, so that's probably why I came up in the search. Careful, Jaxon. Someone is out to get you!


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