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June 13, 2006

Minor Stuff

Not a whole lot has been going on for me in the poker world since I took down the WWdN last week. I lost about $200 last week in NL cash games, but I've managed to get a good bit of it back, so I'm just kind of fluctuating at the moment. I lost $100 earlier this week to a rolled up set over rolled up set on Party 7 card stud, but I've gained that back by coming in 2nd and 3rd in two $30 SNGs, despite being completely card dead in both of those until the final four people or so. The players there are so unbelievably atrocious; I think I will have to play the $30 SNGs there more often. I can see now why Aaron likes them so much.

I played in the Hoy last night, and I was again completely card dead. The best hand I saw in my short time in the game was 99. I ended up pushing with A3 UTG at a full table (I know, I'm a madman), and it miraculously folded all the way around to Smokkee in the BB, who thought for a bit and called me with the fake hammer (s0000000000ted). Had he been unsuited, he would have dominated me. Instead, he sucked out when he hit a 7 on the river. :-)

I thought it was funny afterward when he tried to tell me "sorry, it's a blogger thing." I'm wondering if he didn't know it was me. He has me linked up on his site, so maybe he just hasn't made the connection yet. It took a lot of other bloggers a little while to get it all figured out too.

For the rest of you who may not have done so yet, here is a public service announcement:

kaellinn18 = Matt

It's my nickname on all poker sites I play at, except Sun Poker, where it is kaellinn because they limited their screennames to nine characters. (???)

I better see you all at the WWdN: kaellinn18 Invitational tonight. I'm looking to repeat, so someone's gonna need to be there to stop me. A word of warning: after this past week, I'm due for a run of cards. Be afraid.


  • you're right Matt, i didn't make the connection. sorry 'bout counterfeiting you with the sOOOted hammer! better luck next time.

    By Blogger smokkee, at 6/13/2006 1:33 PM  

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