Poker Through the Eyes of an Amateur

June 21, 2006

Lost My Race

Well, I didn't cash in today's tournament. I was happy with most of my play, however. The only play I didn't like was when I made a pretty loose call pre-flop and out of position the first hand of the tournament with pocket 8s. The flop came up very bad, and I had to let it go. Other than that, I was card dead except for about three hands, and I lost the last one. I had a pretty short stack after being blinded down and had an M of about 5. I look down to find presto in late position with one limper in front. I push, and the guy in the small blind thinks for a bit before making what I think is a pretty loose call with AJo for 75% of his stack. The limper folded, and I ended up losing my race on the river. I hate when that happens. At least put me out of my misery on the flop. Oh well, there is always tomorrow.


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