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May 16, 2006

Rebuy Madness And A Not-Quite-As-Bad-Loss

Last night I jumped into the $3 rebuy madness game on PokerStars with Weak since my wife was at the Orioles game with her lab. (Man do the Orioles suck.) Anyway, I started off very well, doubling up with JJ and again with QJ when I hit a straight on the flop. After that, though, I went card dead and didn't play very many other hands with the pushmonkeys. I made it to the break with around 12k after an add on.

In round two, I remained card dead and also got caught trying to make some moves in an attempt to stay alive. My stack dwindled pretty quickly, but I was able to double up again with 55 against AK. I was back to around 10k. Blinds whittled me down to about 7k when I found pocket 6s in the small blind. One guy raises in front of me, and I call it. The flop comes TT8, and I bet out pretty hard. He calls me. The turn comes a 9, and I push. The guy thought for almost his entire timebank, and I was pretty sure he was going to fold, but he ended up calling me with QQ. No 7 or 6 for me, and I bust out. He definitely didn't play that like an overpair, so my read of AJ, AQ, AK was off. It was only a $9 investment, though, which is pretty small for those rebuys, so I'm not too disappointed about it.

After that I went to play some $.25/$.50 NL on Full Tilt to grind away at my bonus. Those bonuses are freaking insanely hard to clear. It's ridiculous. Since signing up, I cleared $20, but I'm only about $7 toward my next $20. There will still be $160 after that. I will definitely need until the August expiration date to have any hope of clearing all of it. Anyway, I dropped a $50 buy-in at one table when my top pair, second best kicker ran into TPTK twice in a row after I had already been down a bit. That sucked. So I left that particular table and ended up winning almost all of it back at another table.

In one hand, I accidentally called a raise with 45s when the window popped up while I was doing something in another window. Luckily, the flop came K45 rainbow, and I was able to get all the money in against AK. Unfortunately the other guy was short stacked, so it wasn't a double up. I stacked someone else later on with either QJ or TJ when I flopped the nut straight, but they were also a short stack. So I ended up being down about $15 or so, which is a lot better than last week. Hopefully I can pull out of this small rut and start making some money again.

One final hand I thought was funny: I accidentally clicked the raise button in the BB with 92o when three people (including the SB) had limped in. I would have checked of course, but the window popped up while I was using another window (multi-tabling on a small screen laptop is fun!), and I accidentally min raised. Everyone calls of course, and the flop comes AKx. I figured, what the hell, I raised already so I bet the pot, and everyone folded. I definitely got lucky there.

Good luck to everyone this week, and I hope to see you at the WWdN tonight. Also, if you're bored in the early evening, the heads up tournament between dNasty, Surflexus, Wheaton, and myself is at 7 EST. Come by and tell us how we're a bunch of donkeys (especially Wil).


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