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March 13, 2006

Just Grinding It Out

Yeah, I'm still here. I haven't been doing a whole lot on the blogger scene the past couple of days. I've basically steered clear of the impromptu blogger games recently (you guys always take my money) and have instead been focusing on cash games at PokerRoom. I'm about 85% of the way to finishing the PSO promotion there, and about 100 points away from clearing a $55 deposit bonus.

I have been very happy with my experience at PokerRoom, mostly because the cash game is incredibly weak. I've almost tripled my buy-in to that site since I've started playing there. I'm thinking that after I'm done, I will probably leave some money there so I can continue to take advantage of their weak cash game. I've played exclusively $1/$2 NL hold'em, and it has been very good to me. I hope that I can keep the streak up and continue to build the bankroll. Currently, it's a little under $450 across PokerRoom and PokerStars. I think I might make PokerRoom my cash game site and PokerStars my tournament site.

I should be able to have the PSO promotion finished this evening in about a half hour, and I will have the deposit bonus cleared in the next couple of days. Once I clear that bonus, I may move up to some $2/$4 and see if the game is as weak there as it is at $1/$2. If it's comparable, I will be an extremely happy camper. One of my personal goals for this year is to have a bankroll of over $1000. I think that's very doable, given my earnings so far in March. If I hit the $1k mark by summer time, I may double my goal to hit by year's end. I'll just have to wait and see how it works out.

The 45-player SNG Challenge starts today after the DADI tournament is completed. Fear my SNG skillz.


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