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February 07, 2006

WWdN: Sabboth Invitational Blog

I did it. I took the plunge. When I got home this evening, I had less than $11 in my account on PokerStars. However, I was determined that if I was going to bust out, I'd do it with people I respect. So I played some Limit Omaha H/L to earn the seventy-something-odd cents that I needed to make the buy-in for the WWdN game tonight. Read on for my results.

8:30 It's been a while since I've done this. Hopefully I won't be distracted too much that it affects my play. The cards are in the air. We have 99 people registered for a prize pool totalling $990. There are a lot of familiar names in the player list, and Joanne is once again at my first table. Sires is here too. Well, here goes nothing.

8:31 Got JJ for my second hand with two callers pre-flop. Flop came 89K. One guy bet out, and I raised. One caller and initial better called. Turn was an A, and EP bet out again. I had to let the Js go.

8:40 Ugh, I haven't been getting anything. Best I've had is KTs, but I folded it to Joanne's 5x raise. Turns out she had the hammer. She also ended up with two pair so it was a good fold.

8:42 Got my Js again. I raised 3x and got three callers. Flop came ten high, so I bet out strong. Everyone folded.

8:47 Joanne just busted out someone with quad 9s. Ouch.

8:55 Got A2 in MP and decided to try for a steal. Kicked it to 3x, and only the BB called. Flop came KQ8, and I lead out. BB called. Turn is an A, so I bet harder. BB folded.

8:58 Ah my miracle hand. Got 88 in FP. Just called the BB. A few others called as well, but Jo (in BB) raised it up 5x. I was the only caller. Flop was 8 high. Joanne bet out hard. I called her a meanie and raised. She pushed me all in, and I called. She turned over KK. She didn't improve, and I took a nice pot.

9:02 Made a great read. Called the BB with 66. SB called as well. Slimeface min raised in BB, and we called. Flop came 5 high, all clubs. Slime bet out hard for 500. Something smelled about the min raise, so I folded. Turns out he had AA.

9:06 Joanne doubled up with 77 when some guy called her all in pre-flop bet with J8 (??)

9:07 Bet 4x in MP with KK. No callers.

9:09 Jo busted out two people when they called her big raise pre-flop. She had QQ and her opponents had AK and A8. Flop came with a Q, and she took a huge pot. I got moved to a tabled with Pauly.

9:11 Just busted Pauly who was being over aggressive with his QT. He had top pair, but I had AA.

9:19 Had KTd in early position. FP raised 3x, I call, and SB calls. Flop comes KQJ with two spades. SB goes all in. I tank for a bit and call. He has A3s. He doesn't catch his flush, and I make a set on the river. Took a nice pot. I'm up to 5760 and in 2nd place.

9:21 AJh in SB. It folds to me, I raise 4x, and BB folds.

9:22 A8o on the button. I decide to just call the BB. SB folds, and BB checks. Flop comes J8x. BB bets 150, and I raise him to 450. He folds. I moved into first place with that hand.

9:23 Stole the blinds with AJo in MP. They are fearing my stack.

9:28 Bought out a guy with 22 who I had pegged as an over-aggresser. I knew he would bet regardless of the flop, so I came over the top. He folded. I'm up to 7060.

9:30 We've reached the first break, and I'm still holding on to first place. I have the lead by just under 1k. There are 64 players left. Wil, CJ, and Shane have all busted out. Hopefully I can keep up my good play and maintain my lead in the next round. Gracie, Hoyazo, and GRob are all still going strong and are in the top 20.

9:39 Bought blinds with KJ in EP.

9:41 Lost a bit of chips when my 82 in BB caught 8 high on the flop. SB checked to me so I bet, he went all in with what little he had left, and I called. He had AA, and I didn't catch my two pair or set.

9:47 I've stolen some blinds, and I'm up to 6170.

9:48SERNE just knocked out Gilain with his KK vs QQ. He flopped quads. Holy crap.

9:51 Won a nice pot with A7d. A and two diamonds came on the flop. The guy followed me to the turn then folded.

10:07 Haven't gotten many playable hands. We're down to 30 people, and I'm in 7th. Three people have over 10k, and I have above average with 6295 at the moment. Hopefully I get some cards soon.

10:14 Man, I can't catch any playable hands. I keep getting paint/rag combos. Blinds are going to go up soon. I need cards please!

10:15 Was able to buy some blinds with K9 in EP

10:24 Got my Js again. SERNE made a heft raise preflop, and I called. Flop came K2K, and I pushed all in. He folded.

10:28 Bought the blinds with 99.

10:36 We're at the second break now. I'm in 11th of 14 players remaining. I need to get some cards I can at least make a steal with so I don't get blinded out here. If I can outlast 5 more people, I will make the money. TripJax is still alive and kicking in 9th place. If I don't make the money, I hope he does. SERNE doesn't like me since I took that pot with the Js and is severely overbetting each time I'm in the BB. I can't wait to catch a monster when he does that and take his legs out from under him. I just need the cards...

10:47 We're down to 11 people. I still have almsot 6k. I just need to hang in there for a bit more. I'm currently 8th.

10:49 I dropped the hammer baby!

10:50 We're down to 10 baby!

10:51 I made the final table! SERNE busted out dsheep with 58. He hit a set of 5s to beat dsheep's KJ.

10:53 TrekGirl busted out when her AT rain into SERNE's KK.

10:56 LOK1 busted out with JJ when bdr1968's AK caught an A on the turn.

11:01 bdr1968 busted out when his JJ fell to GRob's KJ when he found a K on the turn.

11:03 I've managed to stay alive so far by stealing blinds. There are six of us left, and I have 8k.

11:04 Random Sam busted out when his AK hit SERNE's JJ. Board ended up with a J and two As.

11:06 Doubled up through SERNE when my pocket 4s flopped a set.

11:06 Doubled up through GRob when my pocket 9s flopped a set. I'm now in 2nd place!

11:25 We're down to 4. GRob's JT ran into TripJax's AK. Trip won with Ace high.

11:32 TripJax busted out when his K high straight got trampled by SERNE's full house. Down to 3, and I'm in 3rd.

11:40 And I'm out in 3rd place. My 55 fell to SERNE's JT when he hit a ten on the flop. Them's the breaks. I got a $118.80 payday for my efforts tonight.

And TripJax owes me money. ;-)


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