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January 21, 2006

Game Day!

It's finally here! I always eagerly anticipate the days that I host a home game. Today's will be the biggest so far, with 14 players showing up. One table will have to be set up in the living room and one in the second bedroom, which currently has nothing but a desk in it. It will be awesome. The buy in is only $5, but the time spent with friends and playing cards is more than worth any money I might win. I've won the majority of the home games our group has had, and I hope to keep going strong. My wife won the last one, and we've started a bounty system this year. She'll be the first one with a prize on her head; she chose a gift card to Starbucks, which I'm sure most of the players would love to get. Hopefully by the time the night is over, the bounty will be on my head!

I'm pretty much down to the $1 SNGs on Stars. I have about $30 at the moment, and I don't want to spend too much at once, so even the $5 are out of my range. I consistently final table in the 45 player $1 games, so I'm not too worried. I played one today and finished 5th. I promptly used the meager winnings to enter a $1 Omaha MTT H/L tourney (which I did pretty well in, but did not place) and a $2 MTT NL Holdem tourney (which I also did well in, but did not place). One of these days I'm going to final table in one of the MTTs, and then I will be set for a good while. Until then, I need to grind it out. That means SNGs only, for now. The chance of ROI in the MTTs is just too low for me to play those anymore. Also, that unfortunately means no WWdN games until I build the bankroll up a bit more. The buy-in is just too much at the moment.

Have a good weekend everyone!


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