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January 22, 2006

Game Day: Recap

The home poker game was a rousing success. As I posted earlier, we had fourteen people with a buy in of $5. The game ended up starting around 2:30 and lasted for seven hours. I ended up at table two to start, which turned out to be the serious aggression table. Almost from the get go, the minimum raise at our table was 5x BB. It was pretty intense. We had four people bust out in that room to the two people who busted out at table one. We then moved everyone to table one for the rest of the game.

The final table consisted of me, Mike, Courtney, Eric, Dan, Carly, Kim, and Matt M. My wife (Courtney) was the first to go out when her set of aces was beaten by aces full of queens. Eric was next to bust out, but I don't remember the hand he had. Mike followed with a bold bluff representing a flush; Matt M called him down with top pair. Dan's stack then got crippled when he bluffed with second pair, and Matt M called him out with his top pair. From there, Dan was forced all in a few times. He survived for a while, but ended up out on the bubble.

Matt M and I were pretty evenly tied for the short stack when we hit the money. I was ecstatic when I hit pocket Qs and instantly raised. It folded around to Matt M who went all in. I had to call of course and was very happy when he flipped over pocket 4s. The flop was a bunch of bricks, but the turn was a four, severely crippling me. I had to go all in a couple of hands later with A6 and Matt M called with pocket 8s. I never caught my A and took $10 for 4th place.

The table was down to two ladies and Matt M at this point. It was back and forth for a while, and eventually Matt M got his chips in with the best hand. I don't remember what it was that he lost to, but it was a bad beat. Not as bad as his 2% win against me, but it was still bad. Matt M ended up in 3rd and took home $15.

It was down to the ladies. Neither of them were very aggressive heads up for quite a while, and there was a lot of folding. Eventually, Carly started to get more aggressive and built up quite the stack. However, Kim sucked out several times, including one point where Carly was all in, so Kim ended up winning her first home game ever! Carly took home $20 and Kim took home $25.

It was a great time, and I can't wait to do it again! Nothing beats live poker with friends.


  • i lost out with AA being cracked by mike's 9T when he made a strait on the turn. i was rockin at table 2, but as soon as we combined tables my cards went totally cold. even if i had great hole cards, the flop never helped me. oh well, that's poker. lots of fun!

    By Anonymous eric, at 1/23/2006 12:33 PM  

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