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December 02, 2005

WWdN: ZowieZ Invitational

Well, we're back in action with the WWdN tourneys! Boy, I missed 'em. They are such fun. Here's the low down on how it went down.

7:00 The cards are live! 91 people have registered tonight, and it promises to be a good match. Joanne is at my table. Let's rock.

7:01 Caught K8s for my first hand. One raise, and I was the only one who called. I caught an 8 on the flop, bet it, and the other guy folded.

7:02 Got pocket 7s but K and Q came on the flop so I let them go.

7:05 A5o in the BB. Got nothing on the flop, but I bought it anyway. Guy to my right is playing tight.

7:07 AJd, so I raise 4x. K on the flop and no diamonds; the other two check, I bet it and take it. Got a $200+ pot there.

7:13> QJo in early position. I raised 3x. One caller. Flop is 10 10 7. I check, guy bets 100. K on turn. I semi-bluff 200, and he calls. River is a 9, and I bet 350 more to get a call and win with the straight! Currently sitting in 11th place!

7:20 AK in late position, and I catch a K on the flop. Only other person bets 120. I raise 3x, and he folds.

7:21 Had 33 in early position. I called BB, and next position went all in with his short stack. It folded back around to me, and I called, figuring it was a coin flip. He had QQ, and it held.

7:27 AQc in late position, and a short stack all in before me for 150. I call, and so does Joanne. Flop is 663. I check and so does Jo. A comes on the turn. I bet, and Jo folds. River is another 3, and my AQ knocks out the other guy's A5.

7:29 Got 99 in the hole. Folds around to me, and I raise 3x. Everyone else folds. Looks like I'm building some table respect. Sitting nicely at 2205.

7:32 AJo in the BB. One guy calls my 4x raise. 3 hearts on flop and it checks to the river where I hit my J. I bet 150, and he calls. I took the pot.

7:37 AQo in mid position. I 3x raise, and everyone folds.

7:42 AJo in late position, and I 3x against Jo in SB who calls. I caught an Ace on the flop and bought it.

7:48 10Js on the button, and I raise 3x. Guy reraises me, and after thinking about it I decided to fold. We're down to 62 people.

7:56 88 in mid position so I 3x raise. The blinds call. An A comes on the flop and SB bets 500 immediately. Other guy folds, and I decide to fold as well.

8:00 We're at the break. DollarDan's A9h just doubled up on maureen's AQo when he caught a 9 on the river. I'm currently 33rd of the 54 left with 1905 in chips. Hopefully I can pick it up after the break, but I'm about to be smacked with the big blind.

8:09 A10o in late position with one call ahead of me. I decide to go all in, and everyone else folds.

8:15 Blinds are killing me. I'm down to 835. I'm all in next decent hand I have.

8:16 AA all in with 2 callers! They held up when the second one reraised and the other guy folded!

8:17 I've been moved to a new table.

8:19 Had 6s, and one guy went all in. Another pushed his all in over the top, and I folded. It was AA vs QQ, but I would have hit a straight if I called. ARGH!

8:23 Bought the blinds with QJd in first position with a min raise.

8:24 Holy crap that was the most surprising bust out ever. Guy raised me in the BB, and I called with 10Jo. Flop was 910J, and I went all in. He had 8Q!! What the hell?!?! I finished in 39th.

Well, it turns out I was framed!! Observe:

kaellinn18 [observer]: I busted out Wil, and it's all your fault
Wil Wheaton: yeah, i set that whole thing up
Wil Wheaton: and i'd do it again!

Wait until the boys at PokerStars hear this!! They don't take too kindly to swindlers, Wil. Oh, you're going to get yours, my friend...


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