Poker Through the Eyes of an Amateur

December 27, 2005

WWdN: Obie34 Invitational

7:00 Cards are in the air. We have 60 people registered for a prize pool of $600. Penner42, change100, and Frankl66 are at my table. Let's rock!

7:01 Bought the blinds with AQo.

7:06 Called the blind with J10. Flop came AAQ. No thanks.

7:15 8/10 in the SB. Caught a ten on the flop and everyone folded to my massive bet of 90! Fear me.

7:18 AQo and I raise to 100. Penner42 reraises me to 200. I call. Flop comes 7 8 Q. Penner bets out 150. I raise to 450, and he folds.

7:23 KQo and I raise to 90. There's two callers. K comes on the flop and I bet 200. The other two fold.

7:32 Q5o in the BB. It calls around to me and I check. Q comes on the flop, but there's two spades, so I check. penner42 bets 100, one other calls, and I call. One folds. 5s comes on the turn, and I decide to represent the flush with my two pair. I bet hard into penner42, who folds. The last player calls. River is a blank, and I bet hard again. The other guys thinks for a few seconds and then folds. My two pair was probably legit anyway.

7:38 A4o in SB. I call the BB. Flop doesn't help me, so I check, and so does BB. Turn is a 3. I bet into Zeem, and he folds.

7:41 Wow, both Wil and CJ have gone out early tonight in 52nd and 50th respectively. I'm currently chip leader at my table with 2540! w00t!

7:44 Heh, on_thg just tried to drop the hammer on me when I had AA. I 4x raised him after the flop came up blank for him, and he folded.

7:45 ABVidale just got knocked out when his 10s didn't hold up against DarthParadox's AK.

7:47 Raised 3x with AKd in middle position. Everyone else folded.

7:49 Ah crap, Iggy just got moved to my table. And he has more chips than me.

7:52 Got 44 and called the raise to 400. Flop didn't help me at all. It was raised and called, so I folded.

7:56 Penner42 just got busted out by SudoVorlon's KK

7:57 Crap! I accidentally called a $250 raise when I had 23d. Flop was worthless and I had to fold it. Argh! I'm down to 1790 now.

8:00 Ok I just got about $300 back when I hit JJ in the hole. Flop was 10 high, and DarthParadox folded to my hard bet. We're at our first break now with 31 players of our original 60 left. I'm currently 21st with 2240. Hopefully I can grab some chips early when the next round starts.

8:06 Got 10s first hand coming out of the break. I min-raise and one guy calls. Flop comes Q high. I bet hard into it, guy thinks for a while, and then he folds.

8:08 Chaswell just busted out ZeemJr and severely crippled DarthParadox when he hit his king high flush on the turn.

8:10 DarthParadox just got knocked out when his A10 fell to on_thg's flopped set of 5s. I've been moved to a new table with Dr. Pauly. At least I have position on him. Chaswell and on_thg also got moved with me.

8:14 I'm almost dead now. I caught 44 and called a raise by jk87. Flop came with three 8s. He bet, and I pushed all in. He called with AA. CRAP!!

8:15 My AK catches an A and I quadruple up to 300.

8:16 I had to go all in with A3. One reraiser who has KK. I don't catch the A, and I'm out in 26th.

I'm not happy with the outcome, but I really think that I made the right play on those pocket 4s. The cards just didn't fall my way.


  • Hey Matt, finished 29 myself. Had horrendous cards most of the night but did get to flop quad aces for the 2nd time this year on stars. ))

    By Blogger Slimeface, at 12/28/2005 1:17 PM  

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