Poker Through the Eyes of an Amateur

November 11, 2005

WWdN: Toby039 Invitational

I had been waiting for this game all week. While I'm a little disappointed with the way it turned out, I'm happy with the way I played. I only made one really bad play the whole game, about 3/4 of the way through. Below is a summary of my play by play.

7:00 Cards go live. 109 people playing, including my friend Ryan, whose entry fee I kindly paid. Willythewise drops the hammer on the first hand for a full house!! This is going to be an interesting one...

7:05 Took in about 200 with an A7 with only a 7 on the table.

7:07 Had K9 in small blind. K came on flop, and I got about 150 more. Off to a good start this game!

7:09 Got dealt presto (55), and bought the hand on the turn with two over cards on the table.

7:11 Wow, Wil is in first with 3940. That's over double my current stack of 1890!

7:15 Bought the flop with low pair (8s). Must be getting some table respect or something.

7:20 Crap, I folded A3 in late position after a raise, and I would have hit the nut straight on the flop!

7:29 Where have all the good cards gone?

7:34 Bought the pot on the turn with 6s and 3s (which was also top two pair; sad)

7:40 Up4Poker's AK busts out Alexe55's pocket 8s when he hits two pair. Ouch!

7:40 Someone else just got busted out, but I didn't have time to see who because I was typing the other one!

7:49 Just doubled up through LucyFlawless when my AJ came two pair. LucyFlawless tried to bluff it with K6.

7:58 Hit AQ in first position. Called the blind and ended up four handed. Flop came with an A, and the big blind bet it. I raised him, and he folded.

7:59 Euclides' KQo was busted out by redtrek5's A3c when he hit the flush.

8:00 Well, I've made it to the first break. I'm sitting nicely with 2805 in 25th place. Wil has dropped to 17th, and PantsOnFire, who busted out Ryan, is currently chip leader and just got moved to my table. S. Nickerson went out first in 110th, and willythewise followed pretty shortly after in 105th when Up4Poker busted him out. Joanne has gone out in 76th place as well. A lot of the names I know are gone, so I'm not sure what to expect from some of my current opponents. I'm currently third in chips at my table.

8:06 Bought the blinds with KQd

8:07 Hit KQ again, this time offsuit. Nothing came for me on the flop or turn, so I had to let it go.

8:07 Got a9h and called an all in bet from Walstib. He had KK and I didn't improve. down to 1105. Stupid call, but I thought he was making a move with a small pair.

8:11 Of course, now that I lost a ton of chips, I'm not catching any cards. Might have to try and steal soon.

8:13 Bought out the SB and one caller from BB position with an all in with A6. Bought myself some time anyway...

8:15 Bought out both blinds and a caller with A9. Up to 1555 now. Ryan tells me Wil just took a big hit too and is down to the 1700s.

8:19 Lost 600 from first position with A10. Grr!! Should have gone all in pre-flop, probably.

8:20 Bought the BB with K9h. Only up to 955 though. I need me some cards! Wil is down to 1120.

8:22 Noooooooooooooo!! ARGH!! I had AQ and went all in. I caught my two pair, but one of the callers had KK and hit a set! That's the second time KK has hit me bad tonight. I'm out in 45th.

Well, that's the end of that. The only really bad play I think I made was when I called the one all-in with my A9h. I was riding a rush and not thinking properly. Yet another lesson learned. I'm looking forward to next weekend!


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