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November 04, 2005

WWdN: Donegal Invitational

Well, I did well until my last hand, which I played like an idiot. But, hey, it happens sometimes. Here's a recap of the game tonight.

7:00 127 people playing. Top 18 places pay. Cards go live and I get K10 in small blind. I raise the BB, and he calls. Flop is 78J, and I bet out. He folds. Good start.

7:04 Uh oh. I've just been moved to Wil's table. Let the games begin!

7:10 So far not getting any cards at Wil's table. Nothing big's happened yet. Just people trading small pots and feeling each other out.

7:15 I've been buying the blinds for a couple of hands. No one will call me!

7:18 Just got moved off Wil's table.

7:23 Got a pair of 6s in the hole, but the flop wasn't pretty, and people were betting all over the place, so I had to let 'em go.

7:31 Caught JJ in the hole and hit a set on the flop! Took in about $700.

7:35 S. Nickerson went all in pre-flop with 118. Three of us called. I had A9. He ended up taking it.

7:36 Shane can't hold out when his pocket Qs get busted by KJ.

7:39 Caught Q6d in BB and hit the flush on the flop! Strung one player along to the river and took a nice pot. Up to 1972.

7:42 Frankl66's K10 takes a 3000 pot with two pair over rachelkat's KQ

7:50 Had an A10 against KJ. A low straight hit the board and we split. How boring.

7:53 Just went heads up with Wil. I had J9s. We checked it all the way around. Two pair was on the board. Turns out he had 96, and I out-kicked him.

8:00 We're at the first break. I'm sitting ok with 1922. Average is 2801 right now. The chip leader has 9006, and Wil is now at my table and has 2480. Hopefully the next hour goes better for me.

8:12 I just busted out Joanne of Cardsquad with pocket 4s when she went all in with A10. I'm up to 2704.

8:15 got a couple of mid-level suited connectors the past two hands, but the flops have not been kind.

8:20 GoodRev42 just tried to drop the hammer, but siona called the bluff with AK and almost busted him out.

8:21 heffmike finished the job with pocket 6s against the Rev's A3. He got the 3, but the A never came.

8:24 The blinds are 100/200 now. I need to catch some cards fast.

8:27 This table just got infinitely harder. The chip leader and HermWarfare have shown up.

8:29 Caught 77 in the SB. Went all in and bought out some limpers.

8:30 KJs in the pocket and bought the blinds.

8:31 siona just knocked out Herm and the chip leader was moved to another table. I'm holding out ok at 2304.

8:37 Bought the blinds with A7d going all in. I'm gonna get eaten up pretty soon if I don't hit some really good cards.

8:39 heffmike's 23 busts out ackbleh's AK. Wha???

8:43 I'm a freaking moron. I caught the A on the flop. Slow played it, and let a guy hit a set of 6s. I'm out in 37th. ARGH!!!!

In retrospect, I really should have gone all in on the flop. I was short stacked as it was and giving someone a chance to hit a set (or a flush for that matter; two of the cards were hearts) was just plain idiotic. Oh well, live and learn I guess. I'll definitely be back next weekend.


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