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November 08, 2005

WPT Finals: No Go

Well, on Sunday I had my last chance to qualify for the World Poker Tour finals at Foxwoods, but it just didn't work out. I decided I didn't feel like buying into the $30+$3 rebuy tournament directly this time, so I played the $2 turbo rebuy tournament to qualify for the $30+$3. I did well in the turbo tourney, easily making it into the top 150. However, only the top 108 got seats. It was a fairly gut wrenching experience watching the blinds shoot up and my chip stack slowly shrink as I got very little playable cards. It came down to me in the small blind and all in; what's worse is that I was in bubble position. If I lost, I would not get the seat (though $22 would have been ok too). I ended up getting dealt A10. The table folded around because everyone wanted to play it safe, and I ended up having the big blind dominated. I caught my ace and survived to the qualifying seats. Close one! I only had to rebuy once that tournament, and I added on at the break. Not a bad turn of events for $6.

The actual qualifier for the WPT did not go nearly as well. I ended up dropping 1/3 of my chips early on with AK. Either I made a smart fold to the guy I was up against and he's a good player, or I'm a pansy and he's a lunatic. Either way, I had to slow down for the next half hour or so. I managed to get back to starting position in chips eventually, but by that time the idiots had played their I'll-go-all-in-with-crap-lose-and-rebuy Why-not-I've-got-money-coming-out-my-ass game, and my stack was dominated. I ended up making a stand with 99 against AK; the A came on the turn, and that was it. I didn't feel like wasting $30 more that late in the game, so I let it go at that. The cards just didn't fall my way.

I'd rather play in the World Series of Poker anyway. Now if only they'd start their qualifiers...


  • I feel your pain ... nothing gets on my nerves more than the double-up or rebuy mentality in tournaments.

    By Blogger terrymr, at 11/14/2005 10:41 PM  

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