Poker Through the Eyes of an Amateur

November 25, 2005


I took the past week off of work for vacation to visit my family during the Thanksgiving holiday. There's been a lot of down time here and there, so I've been spending some of it playing Sit-and-Go tournaments. I had busted out at the beginning of the week, but the $75 credit from PokerStars went through, so I'm back in action. I tried playing on some of the limit tables and immediately lost a bit of money, so I went to the Sit-and-Gos to try and earn it back. I've placed in the money in all but one that I've played.

I've got one fourth place finish (in a field of 45), two third place finishes from one-table fields, two second place finishes from one-table fields, and a first place finish from a one-table field. I have to admit that over the past couple of weeks I had started to wonder if I really was any good, but now I realize that I was being results oriented instead of decision oriented. I was making the right decisions, but I just hit a bad streak, as everyone does. I'm still making the right decisions, but now they are paying off like they should. I've made up for my losses, and I'm up a little bit. Hopefully I can keep it up.


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