Poker Through the Eyes of an Amateur

October 28, 2005

WWdN: Up4Poker Invitational

One hundred and eighteen players registered in the $10+1 buy in tourney. It was fun while it lasted, but I didn't make the money. The people were fun to play with, but the cards just weren't in it for me. I guess I can't be too upset after winning that iPod nano last weekend. Here's a play by play of my life in the tourney.

9:00 Cards go live!

9:10 Raise 3x in BB w AQ, get hit with reraise, call. K89 on flop. I check , he bets, I fold. Don't feel like pushing it too early. I'm down to 1120. In hindsight, I should have put out a feeler bet on the flop. I just wasn't thinking.

9:17 Can't catch any cards. Been getting a lot of Q-rags. Might have to play the next suited one

9:21 I min raised with K 4 on the button. Ace came on the flop and I stole it. Suckers.

9:22 Amusing table banter:

bdidde, referring to pastamancer's stick person icon: "How can you stay so skinny with all that pasta? you look like a stick figure"

pastamancer: "yes- it is my sperpower (sic) - metabolizing carbs!"

bdidde: "who is your nemesis? Dr. Atkins?"

9:26 redrebel min bets the nut straight on the river. ???

9:28 I took a decent pot with AJo in BB when J came on the flop

9:29 I took a $620 pot with KJo. Flop came KJA. I checked it, and reeled them in on the turn/river. I'm up to 1635 now.

9:30 S. Nickerson cracks Pastamancer's AA with 44 when he hits a set on the flop and sends him packing

9:39 I bought the blinds with a pair of 9s

9:40 qhsprn's nut flush busted bdidde's lower flush. We're down to 87 people.

9:42 I folded 78c after 1st position raised UTG for 4x BB. Would have hit a set of 7s :(

9:47 I folded K3d before flop when it would have been decent pot odds to call the BB. Would have hit flush on the flop, but would have lost to the boat. Dodged a bullet there.

9:48 Ouch, folded A9o in middle position and flop came KAA. This sucks!

9:53 I called a 3x raise with AJs. Flop came Q33. He bet out, I raised, he folded. Sitting nicely at 2185 now. It pays to have a tight table rep at times.

9:58 Tonychap just busted out 2 people two hands in a row. Luckily I just got moved to a new table... just in time to see a K9 but out an AJ with a 9 on the turn

10:00 We're at our first break. I'm currently seated 37th out of 71 with 2185. Blinds will be going up to 75/150 after the break. Wil is currently 32 with 2370. I'm also currently one table spot away from eulerian, a fellow Gaithersburg resident who lives by the Rio. There's also a guy from Alexandria. It's always kind of fun to be playing with locals.

10:15 ARGH!!! I had AJ spades in bb, and I called the standard 3x raise. The flop was 55J. I check, and the guy puts me all in. I call. He has 88 and ends up catching an 8 on the river to almost bust me out!! I'm down to 75, and it gets worse. I have 55 in BB, and I am all in. The SAME GUY raises it up and has KK. He catches a K on the flop. I hit my 5 on the river, which is worth crap. WTF?!?! I ended up going out in 62nd. Interestingly, Wil followed me out two places later. His live play blog can be viewed here.

Those two hands are definitely the worst combined bust I've ever had, and it's even weirder with them both coming back to back and from the same player. Oh well, such is poker. Hopefully I'll be back next week!


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